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Given to Rhælla by Vengeance on July 15, 2019
Wheeling Gull Isle · Fallen from God Fallen from grace
I absolutely love how you write Rhælla, I love her in general! She's a deep character and your writing just gives her that extra depth. I love threading with her!
Given to Mahler by Alarian on July 13, 2019
Arrow Lake · vogelgezwitscher
your writing is always so lovely
Given to Pheiros by Alessia on July 12, 2019
pheiros is so cute UGH i love him
Given to Gwen by Cupid on July 11, 2019
also cries in emo
Given to Cupid by Aurëwen on July 11, 2019
Ankyra Sound · he’s a regular guy [TW]
Given to Crow by Sugar Glider on July 11, 2019
Sun Mote Copse · beware the jabberwock, my son!
I laughed out loud in a Very Serious Business Setting @ "Crow nodded, thinking that would be a nice way to cool off his butthole." :')
Given to Mercer by Essie on July 10, 2019
Firestone Hot Springs · the tidal wave breaks
Loved this whole thread <3
Given to Essie by Mercer on July 10, 2019
Firestone Hot Springs · the tidal wave breaks
Saoirse is such an amazing character! I love her backstory, and how she strives to prove herself different from the people she escaped from. I loved this thread, but this post particularly stood out to me!
Given to Iliksis by Java on July 09, 2019
Given to Iliksis by Aurëwen on July 09, 2019
Dreadful characters are so tricky & elusive to write just the “right” way but you manage to do it wonderfully <3
Given to Phex by Alessia on July 08, 2019
Shadewood · Just a little taste
i love phex so much omg. she's precious
Given to Zephyr by Helios on July 07, 2019
Herbalists' Cache · Please take me back
I love watching Zephyr’s development, and am honored to be a part of it! <3 “His legs ache and his chest burns, and the distance he has put between himself and his home has lodged itself in his heart like a burning knife.” Adore this line :heart_eyes:
Given to Weejay by Aengus on July 06, 2019
STOP MAKING ME LOVE WEEJAY! as it stands right now, i would send her a million different flowers as long as it made her happy.
Given to Xan by Indra on July 06, 2019
Fox's Glade · My silent lips
Congrats on your 900th post. Thanks for the heartbreaky thread, too. STAY STRONG XANIEL. <3
Given to Aengus by Weejay on July 06, 2019
"aengus made sure that even though the orange flowers were a little wilted looking, that they had friends who were just as wilted looking. he didn’t want the girl to think that he imagined she was a wilted flower." i guess you can't thread with me anymore, because that line officially killed me.
Given to Ingram by Xynien on July 06, 2019
Arrow Lake · Who I intend to be
Given to Mahler by Aurëwen on July 04, 2019
Arrow Lake · zaftig
i’m gonna have to stop u right there because the fact that u can convey such mcfreakin emotion through 3 lil paragraphs is mind boggling & i love it & i love u & Aur still loves her grump doctor <3
Given to Jakoul by Aurëwen on July 03, 2019
Blackfeather Woods · i've got wild, staring eyes
I love how “aware” your writing of Jakoul is. Writing body language tends to be done as an afterthought (at least for me) and yet you do it in spades. Although your writing of it is short and concise, you make up for it with such lovely writing, and I really like Jakoul as a character. have some well deserved PHAT kudos sis<3
Given to Charon by Rannoch on July 03, 2019
Given to Illidan by Raleska on July 02, 2019