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Given to Anu by Rokig on May 18, 2019
Barrow Fields · guzila
I honestly adore Anu and look forward to seeing what he gets up to.
Given to Speedy by Hydra on May 16, 2019
I think SPEEDY is great. She is such a sweet angel, and I love how supportive she is in a situation where she may have so much to deal with as a consequence. Your writing is wonderful, too!
Given to Revui by Hydra on May 16, 2019
I also love u, brudder I think all of your posts are wonderful, but Revui/Hydra bond is SACRED TO ME. Lurv u and Rev
Given to Ketzia by Thorn on May 12, 2019
<3 all ketzia posts deserve kudos.. but don't worry ketz, thorn is with you in spirit :P
Given to Liffey by Rannveig on May 11, 2019
Lost Creek Hollow · hey! welcome to the murder
HEY! DON'T THINK-TALK TO MY SON THAT WAY. All jokes aside, I am also dead - literary gold right here, TBH.
Given to Pheiros by Akira on May 10, 2019
Stavanger Bay · We were young once
This ain’t a tear. It’s saltwater. We’re by a sea. Stop asking if I’m okay. Yes I’ll take that tissue though. FOR ALLERGIES.
Given to Arcturus by Hydra on May 10, 2019
I think Arcturus is great, and I'm not sure how I haven't given him kudos before but it's BLASPHEMY! He is an amazing brother, and Hydra lurvs him even if she doesn't say it smdh. The way u write is phenomenal in itself but I LOVE Arcturus and how supportive he is of his famblee. OSTREGA'S 4 LYFE. HYTURUS 5EVER. Lub u L2!
Given to Pheiros by Rannveig on May 10, 2019
Stavanger Bay · We were young once
you tell'em, kid
Given to Oath by Goosie on May 07, 2019
This is a wonderful, realistic, and BELIEVABLE look into Oath's thought process, and how she has mastered the art of deciphering Goose's speech and trauma with limited context and knowing her personality. I love these dorks so much. ?
Given to Goosie by Oath on May 07, 2019
I love Goosie so much!
Given to Raleska by Rosalyn on May 03, 2019
THEY DON'T, THEY REALLY DON'T. Raleska is so cute and I love her and Rosalyn loves her ;.; This gave me feelskies in a big way. Hghghghghgh
Given to Ford by Rhaenys on May 03, 2019
There's definitely something alluring about how you write Ford - it really captures how dangerous he can be (and frightening, too.) Keep it up!
Given to Pixie by Nikan on May 03, 2019
This post was the most beautifully written thing I have ever seen. You can always FEEL the emotion in your posts. I love them <3
I’m not crying—you’re crying!
Given to Gannet by Liffey on May 01, 2019
Omg I love Gannet, he breaks my heart and fills it with such happy. This thread was beautiful and ilu <3333
Given to Arlette by Nunataq on May 01, 2019
Bearclaw Valley · Into the woods
Arlette's comment is adorable and spot on. Reminded me of a scene fromr real life, where I met a GSD, who was proudly carrying a... huge piece of brick in his mouth like it was no big deal.
Given to Siarut by Takiyok on May 01, 2019
Thanks for playing my brother!!! I love Sia sm. I love his personality and how you always stayed true to his character. Thank you for all the drama and family amazingness! I will miss Sia very much! <3 Take care big brother!
Given to Liffey by Ashlar on April 30, 2019
Lost Creek Hollow · hey! welcome to the murder
I am dead. This post has killed me. I love everything about judgemental Liffey, and genuinely laughed out loud as I read this. Thank you for being fantastic and for having fantastic characters.
Given to Arcturus by Charon on April 30, 2019
Ahh. I love Arcturus. I love how he doesn't want to be controlled by his controlling family. But what really got me was the sympathetic glance at Dirge for marrying into crazy :')