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Given to Phaedra by Valravn on August 11, 2020
me: *posts @ 1st grade level* u: *pulls up in the mona fuckin lisa of posts* ok den thats how we roll
Given to Jarilo by Arcturus on August 11, 2020
Sun Mote Copse · slow dancer, no answer
Kudos, because I've always loved how you write Jarilo, and this post is no exception.
Given to Emrik by Spica on August 11, 2020
Whitefish River · To make you feel my love
Beautiful, thoughtful, fragile and heart-breaking <3
Given to Yunxu by Mahler on August 10, 2020
Dragoncrest Cliffs · Close your eyes and sleep,
"quills of squid ink & seafoam" yesssss
Given to Tadashi by Minori on August 10, 2020
Chimera Fields · talk on the inside
Welcome to the game little bro <3 I am so happy you brought him in!!
Given to Cam by Eleuthera on August 09, 2020
yeahhh buddy!
Given to Ruò by Liliana on August 09, 2020
Neverwinter Forest · mother wants the homeland
Given to Merrick by Cyprin on August 09, 2020
Felltree Marsh · sunflower silence
definitely a big L
Given to Aries by Āzon on August 09, 2020
Greatwater Lake · Silly Boy!
Holy jeEZUs your writing snatched my wig :o
Given to Praimfaya by Yanín on August 09, 2020
Shadow Mountain · grandiose
Given to Orochi by Hide on August 08, 2020
Wheeling Gull Isle · but i think it's fine, it's cool
Orochi no ;-; this poor boy. Hide's gonna stick around, don't worry! Beautifully written, by the way. I felt so sad for him.
Given to Macaria by Gryff on August 08, 2020
Fairspell Meadow · Let it wash away my sanity
"It should be a lesbian shewolf's dream- flouncing through a sunlit meadow in a field of daisies and foxglove." me: *nods vigorously* yes. good line. good.
Given to Slug by Guardián on August 08, 2020
Noctisardor Bypass · into dust first
Given to Macaria by Lunaria on August 08, 2020
Love how you write Macaria <3
Given to Wylla by Eleuthera on August 06, 2020
Hushed Willows · unruhestifter
thank you so much for this
Given to Wylla by Mahler on August 06, 2020
Hushed Willows · unruhestifter
Given to Wylla by Star on August 06, 2020
Hushed Willows · unruhestifter
Given to Surya by Arcturus on August 06, 2020