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Given to Makono by Senmut on December 07, 2022
Lion's Head Mesa · bull
FLOORED ;;;; <33
Given to Senmut by Makono on December 07, 2022
Lion's Head Mesa · bull
Given to Erzulie by Inkalorë on December 07, 2022
Dragoncrest Cliffs · wallflowers giving no action, no
the mental image of erzulie answering the door with a plate of fish and a smile, help
Given to Lilia by Senmut on December 07, 2022
Dragoncrest Cliffs · Yeah she steals like a theif
Given to Quennell by Senmut on December 07, 2022
Dragoncrest Cliffs · Yeah she steals like a theif
Given to Njord by Senmut on December 07, 2022
Dragoncrest Cliffs · Yeah she steals like a theif
"Like a P.E. coach finding horny teenagers beneath the bleachers," hahahaha
Given to Bartholomew by Silvertongue on December 07, 2022
Wheeling Gull Isle · courtly
Given to Zulema by Swordfish on December 06, 2022
Northstar Vale · Astéria
I love her. ;w;
Given to Melaneus by Callyope on December 06, 2022
Silverlight Terrace · I see you standing there, but you’re so far away
melaneus has my heart always
Given to Shikoba by Bartholomew on December 06, 2022
Ouroboros Spine · the knife cuts only so deep
"a mother thinks of her son, a wife thinks of her husband, and a leader thinks of her village. certainly, with so many roles, shikoba was forced to think of many things." i LOVE this a lot!!
Given to Gunnar by Bjarna on December 06, 2022
Stone Circle · That of Which we know
"He loved this girl as if she were his own. There were no words. He could feel it now, the way is father had loved him, even if he wasn't his own. He had loved him just as he loved Bjarna." ;O; <3
Given to Stratos by Shenanigans on December 06, 2022
Firefly Glen · n i k k a l
"His first thought was that she not as striking as Ani - in fact, he thought she looked rather plain beside her" - this line made me laugh because rather than being pleased by this, I feel like Ani would be like "HOW VERY DARE YOU" if she knew! :joy: P.S. Having so much fun with this arc so far, thanks for playing!!! <3
Given to Etienne by Rykor on December 05, 2022
Dragoncrest Cliffs · But son, please keep a steady wing
Eti is so cute <3 Being a good big brother. Theo would be proud
Given to Chickadee by Shenanigans on December 03, 2022
Redhawk Caldera · b u s l a s b a n n
The imagery of this scene has me cackling. I adore their relationship (and how every time we're siblings, we manage to have a uniquely complex dynamic!). <3
Given to Stratos by Ramesses on December 03, 2022
Bramblepoint · k e l t e n t r a u e r
he is such a good proud son of moonglow i love him
Given to Killdeer by Bartholomew on December 02, 2022
Spotted Eagle Mountain · The weak breeze whispers nothing
heartbreakingly good
Given to Bridget by Bronco on November 29, 2022
Redhawk Caldera · Blue Hours
hahahahah you know exactly where my funny bone is X'D
Given to Minne by Tierra on November 29, 2022
Redsand Canyon · soldatin
I absolutely adore her and their friendship has some amazing potential, it's beautiful!! Way better than Tierra probably deserves, not that she'd know or agree on that ;D. Really enjoying getting to write with you so much!!!!!
Given to Reverie by Bjarna on November 28, 2022
Overture Downs · Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
"Her face... oh, by the Mother, her face, what had happened to it? Certain she was witness to the aftermath of some horrible accident," gave me the biggest IRL lols
Given to Skáld by Bjarna on November 28, 2022
Stone Circle · And the tears of people ran together
i feel so lucky to get to write this sibling duo <3