These articles contain supplementary information that, while not required, may prove useful!

  • Writing & roleplay tips
  • Setting details
  • Application forms
  • Additional site information (staff roles, credits)

For required reading, see our Guidebook

Teekon Wilds
Some supplementary guides to the setting of WOLF.
Setting Overview
A guide to the location and setting.
Species Reference: Canid Characters
A list of allowed species/subspecies from the "Canis" family.
Species Reference: Wild Fauna
A list of allowed wild fauna species.
Character Resources
Additional materials around developing a character on WOLF.
Trades and Specialties
Descriptions for the different trades & specialties that characters may earn.
Non-Player Characters
Guidelines for the use of NPCs at Wolf.
Wolf Behaviour
A primer on basic wolf behaviour, including pack dynamics, ritualized communication, territoriality, and predation.
Engaging in Conflict
Tips for handling character v character or pack v pack conflict.
Pregnancy Timeline Reference
Some potential milestones for pregnant characters.
Age Timeline Reference
Some potential milestones when playing a character from puphood to adulthood.
Bragging Rights Program
Optional ooc goals for your characters (or you as a writer!)
Game Resources
Documentation around some of our systems within the game.
MyCode Reference
A list of all of the MyCode options available on the site.
Community Tools
External tools provided by the userbase.
A list of contributions from the WOLF community.
Courtesy and Brave Space Guidelines
A template on how to handle heated discussions & tense situations.
Staff Resources
Documents detailing staff roles & guidelines.
Community Managers
An introduction to the CM team.
Community Manager Guidebook
A set of guidelines that all community managers are expected to abide by.