Profile of Chacal: Quick Facts
Sapphique Tanzanite*
Master Bard
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Chacal Dahomey-Rivaini
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 3.5 years (June 12, 2020)
Birthplace: Rusalka (Seaside Moors)
At a Glance
Deerlike in build, streamlined and long-limbed.
Black fur, with gold highlights about her shoulders that drip down to a peak on her forehead.
Golden eyes.
Numerous wounds from a fight with a bear.
Profile of Chacal: Details
[Image: xvyz65D.png]
Art by Jess
Imagine Anubis, in wolf form. Her slightly wavy, down-soft pelt is a sooty black in colour, with a dusting of gold that begins at her temples and trickles down her shoulders. Her eyes are a sparkling, intelligent hue of gold.

Her tall, pointed ears and the deep arch to her slender, leonine form. The dusting of gold fur that highlights her brow and shoulders like a crown and cape.
She has a trail of white fur leading from her right temple down her neck to her shoulder from an injury left by a stag's tine. The wound healed, but the fur grew back white.

She has a perfect understanding of spoken word, and is fluent in both English and Haitian Creole. She suffers from aphasia, however, which either complicates or inhibits her speech with little discrepancy. Often she will stutter or lapse into jargon if she cannot find the right word. She often switches back and forth between her two languages. When she does speak, she can be very difficult to understand, verbally, but generally has little issue making her intentions and feelings known.

She has discovered, however, that she can speak fluidly so long as she sings. It can be assumed that any time Chacal speaks that she is singing. She may or may not lilt or rhyme, but there will always be a melodic quality to her speaking.
[Image: image0.png]
Art by Mutton <3

Regardless, Chacal is a confident, and assured leader, empathetic and friendly toward her packmates. She is playful, even with strangers, but if they do not pass her judgement, she takes some delight in tormenting them, lightly, to scare them away from her home. She is a doting parent, and is doing her best to be a just and responsible leader.

Rusalka: Born June 12, 2020.
Vocalizes: September 9, 2020, humming a soft lullaby.

Mothers: Rosalyn Rivaini and Erzulie Dahomey
Biological father: Rosencrantz
Older siblings: Nieve, Reyes, Marisol, Clementine, and Scarab.
Littermates: Solaire, and Arcelia and through Raleska, she considers Valravn and Regin to be her siblings as well.
Younger Siblings: Sobo, Loko, Coraline, & Mireille (2021)
Aminthe, & Quennell (2022)
Children: Theo, Etienne, Requiem, & Berceuse, “Suzu” (2022)
Chiro & Chani (2023)
Profile of Chacal: Additional Information
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Chacal is the keeper of the white pearl.
Art Credits
Avatar by Lieu <3
Chacal's Signature
It can be assumed that if Chacal is speaking, she will be singing. Her speaking patterns will always have a melodic quality to them.
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