Profile of Njord: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Njord Sveijarn-Corten
Zodiac: Cancer
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 3 (July 5, 2018)
Birthplace: Meares Island
At a Glance
Sleek summer coat. Large swatches of healing abrasions, with fur missing, from scraping along coarse sea rock on either side of his body. Stiffened, sore gait. Tired look.

Profile of Njord: Details
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Njord is a large framed mesomorph with a swimmers physique. Growing up along the coast has afforded him strong shoulders for paddling and broad, sure-footed paws to move about the island's rock outcroppings. Neptunian blue eyes give the man a young appearance. His hair is salt-laiden and tousled, with a pelt of motley stone and driftwood-colored agouti. Njord resembles his mother, accented by coffee-colored ticking and a creamy throat — but his paternal side licks him with vermilion along the back and he has, most notably, a bright red tail. 

Artwork by Noki
charismatic · willful · deep-thinker · loyal · loving
the heart, innocent blue eyes, talk like a pirate, red is heroic
ESFP; The Performer — Neutral Good

Raised by a bold mother and an passive father, Njord lived a structured life on Meares Island, growing up as the middle child between two siblings. Always feeling like a bit of black sheep, the boy knew he was different. He could never pay attention to his grandfather's astrology lessons. Impatient with the hunts. Fights with his brother. Insubordination. A rebellious streak. To an onlooker Njord was self-centered, but the truth was that he felt very deeply. Seeking reprieve from his familial life, Njord left Meares Island and the Atlanian religion to follow the tales of his aunt, Maera, and find the great inland glacier of his ancestors. 

Artwork by Stevie
Valtyr Sveijarn x Priixu Corten

Aegir , Angrboda

HALF-SIBLINGS (Valtyr x Sybil Innisfree)
Ratha , Shea , Aisling

Axolotl Corten, Tuwawi Sveijarn, Njal Sveijarn, Maera Sveijarn, Jokull Sveijarn, Larus Sveijarn, Ixchel Corten, Cipactli Corten


Sobo , Loko
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Pack History
07/05/18—05/15/20 · pack religion

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Profile of Njord: Additional Information
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Members of Sapphique are welcome to join all threads and power-play Njord (excepting injury or death) for cohesion and continuity, whether or not he's an active participant in a thread. Just tag me!

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