Profile of Meerkat: Quick Facts
Sun Mote Copse Lady*
Master Coach
Master Therapist
Master Ambassador
Mate to Njord
Played By: Kat
Basic Info
Full Name: Suricate "Meerkat" Sveijarn-Corten
Subspecies: Wolf, various subspecies
Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 4+ (February 29, 2020)
Birthplace: Sun Mote Copse, Teekon Wilds
Profile of Meerkat: Details
Her fur is a sandy color that pales toward her underside. Her fur darkens around her eyes, ears and the tip of her tail. Faint ticking sweeps her lower back. Her eyes are a warm golden brown, like whisky. She fits neatly into the "medium" category, her formerly sinewy figure fleshing out as a result of her domestic lifestyle.
Pack History

Firebirds: 02/2020 — 07/2020
Moonspear: 07/2020 — 10/2020
Firefly Glen: 10/2020 — 02/2021
Moonglow: 02/2021 — 03/2021
Redhawk Caldera: 03/2021 — 07/2021
Duskfire Glacier: 07/2021 — 01/2022
Sapphique: 01/2022 — 01/2023
Moonspear: 01/2023 — 10/2023

Sun Mote Copse: 02/2024 — present
Profile of Meerkat: Additional Information
Registered on February 29, 2020, last visited April 18, 2024, 12:14 PM
Art Credits
Avatar: Neoma
Appearance Reference: Lauren
Meerkat's Signature
I archive threads if my partner goes inactive and/or there are no new replies for several weeks. I'm more than happy to continue an archived thread if you're interested. Just revive it (via maintenance) and tag me in your next reply. :)
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