Profile of Val: Quick Facts
Sapphique Aventurine*
Played By: Lauren
Basic Info
Full Name: Valravn 'Elwood' Eyjolfur
Nickname: Val
Subspecies: Coastal Mix: Timber & Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 15, 2020)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
At a Glance

"Brot'er, Valravn, you be de keeper of de gold pearl.
Dis hue indicates one who is free, courageous, an explorer of de world.
It means you are an adventurer, an' would do well as a scout.
Dis size means you 'ave loyalty in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

Profile of Val: Details
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Valravn carries the blueprint of his genealogy well: he is fashioned every bit in coastal decorum. He is lean with corded muscle, of medium stature, and colored in dark stormdrift. His left paw bears a splash of white, as if his toes were dipped in milk as a babe. His fur is sleek and thin, with flyaways studding his neck and hackles. His eyes are a stormy green, and often have a mischievous glint to them.
(Reference from Mills <3)
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By Dwin <3
It seems Valravn embodies the phrase joie de vivre. At first glance he is unassuming, which he will wield to his benefit. Val's heart is hedonistic though he often means well. Despite being raised alongside the sea, Val has a deep fear of it and will not wade its depths.
Valravn was born to Raleska in Ankyra Sound, a dystopic birth that nearly ended the life of his mother. Erzulie and Rosalyn raised him as his own while their adopted daughter recovered. Valravn was a jovial child, his confidence unmeasured save for one crux: his terror of the sea. When Valravn was nearly a year old, he was chased from Rusalka by a bear. Driven deep inland, Val became lost. Months passed where he joined ranks with Bearclaw Valley, a cult worshipping bears. A schism developed between him and Bearclaw's leader, Aventus -- Val fled with a puppy named Indra in tow. In the summer of 2022, Val reunited with Sapphique.
Val was raised to believe his parents were Rosalyn and Erzulie, but in early 2022, Val learned his true mother is Raleska. His father is Dacio, but remains unknown to him.

Val has four children with Mireille: Thibault , Chantale, Tousaint, and Sobeille. While only one is biologically related to him, Val believes all four are his and raises them as his own.
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