Dragoncrest Cliffs Pearl Celebration
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Please go to THIS THREAD before replying. Do your rolls, and then you can integrate those results into your first post. In the second round, your wolf will be given an explanation for the meaning of your pearl!

It was time for a celebration- something that would bring the pack together. Food was always an easy way to entice the pack wolves to come together, but with her siblings, she had plotted something exciting. Something that would give each wolf an affirmation, and a treasure to hold. 

Her fur was still wet from the preparations, but her spirit was light and joyful despite the fact that she'd just spent a couple hours diving with her siblings from a ledge, and collecting enough oysters so that each pack member could select three from them. That would put the odds high enough, they agreed. Once they were all collected, they carried them up to the Roja den in nets of seaweed to make the carrying easier. The oysters were piled together, still wet and gleaming on their bed of seaweed, when the wolves of the pack were summoned. 

Faithful Aracelia, Aminthe and Clementine had left to the borders, to make sure they were free to enjoy their celebration in peace. Their own pearl ceremonies would be private. 

Once gathered, the news was shared from the leaders, collectively. It was a shared idea, and was presented to the wolves with contributions from each of the leaders. 

Each wolf ranked Pearl or higher would choose three pearls, and open them, one at a time. If they found no pearl in the first, they would eat the meat, and move on to the next. If there was still no pearl in the second, they would again eat the meat, and move on to the third. They believed the liklihood was that most wolves would find a pearl before their third oyster. 

Once found, the pearl should be carefully removed. Then, each member would step forward to show off their pearl, and would be given that pearl's meaning; for all colours and sizes had meanings, that might either prove as an affirmation for that wolf's natural characteristics, or as guidance for skills that wolf needed to work on. 

Instructions complete, Chacal gestured for the wolves to move forward, pick through the oysters, and choose the ones they hoped might contain the pearl that was meant just for them.
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Of late, Stingray wasn't feeling all the togetherness of the pack — he felt pretty weird overall after that prank Suzu pulled on him and then his parents not being at the latest meeting — but he couldn't deny the suspense and hope welling in him with this new game.

When they were invited forward to select their oysters, Stingray dove ahead of most of his peers, eager to grab the best looking of the bunch before anyone else had a chance at them. He crammed them into his mouth and shouldered aside any fellow looking to snatch them from him, then retreated some distance to begin cracking them open.

He laughed triumphantly when his very first oyster contained his pearl. It was silvery and glimmered in the light. He snatched it up in his jaws, shoving the unused oysters away, and held it up for inspection, feeling rather proud of himself and completely unaware of how small it was.
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Suzu, as well, vibrated with excitement. It took her no time, once the invitation was sent out, for her to dash forward and begin pawing through the clutch. She shuffled a few beneath her low-hanging belly to keep them as hers and then moved back slightly to investigate them. One of them, she liked- but she traded the other two out. She reached for a replacement oyster, only for Stingray to snatch it up before she could grab it. She huffed, and chose another. 

She shuffled them carefully back to her spot, figuring if she treated her oysters nicely, they'd give her something pretty. She worried there wouldn't be a pearl, but the leaders had assured them that there would be pearls. She felt bad for Wing, who would be excluded from the ceremony. She'd offered such a good idea at the last pack meeting- but she felt sure that she would receive her promotion soon. 

She tried not to think about Meerkat and Njord, who had been demoted, and who would be leaving them. She had yet to talk to Swordfish about it- but this event was a wonderful distraction. 

She looked at her oysters. Still, she had a good feeling about the first one she'd grabbed. 

Stingray let out a whoop- he'd found a pearl. She craned her neck to see what it was, and made a soft coo when she saw the glint of silver at his paws. He held it up for all to see, and she admired it with starstruck eyes. He'd gotten a pearl on his first try! And it was like a tiny moon!

She chewed around the edges of her chosen oyster, and pried it open. Nothing looked like a pearl. She slurped up the meat on one half, and found nothing there. On the other side, she prodded with her nose until she felt something firm. She emitted a soft, eager whine as she began to press in the area with her paw, until the pearl popped out, and rolled into the oyster's other, empty shell. 

"Yheeeeee!" Barely above a whisper, she uttered a tiny squeak of excitement. Hers was peach, the shade of a beautiful sunset. She turned it over and over with a careful claw, and ate up the rest of her oyster meat. It was soooo pretty! She looked around, feeling she'd gotten something that was just about as good as it got- but happy to see what treasures the others found as well.
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Etienne didn't like all the noise, but he listened close to his manman's instructions to the best of his abilities. And at his first grab, he had a medium silver pearl. He moved a little ways away, so he could still get along and speak with others, but there wasn't so much noise.

He placed a paw on the silver pearl and smiled. It reminded him of the moonlight on the water at night. And the shade of his sister's pelt, when she was near him. It was smooth and round and he rolled it back and forth while he snacked on the oyster meat. Wondering what it was Manman would tell him about this particular pearl.
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they were to shuck oysters and set their pearls for the world to see. val watched bemused by stingray’s excitement as he and Suzu jostled for the most promising oysters.

val moved to the pile once it was clear both had found their pile. from the flint and bluestone rubble val extracted a small oyster. as luck would have it, this one contained a small pearl the color of gold. val ate the meat with a grimace as he eyed his newest trinket.

the irony was not lost on him. this one glinted like a single eye — an eye he knew quite well.

what would dwin make of this, val wondered: perhaps it was a sign for him to face his fears and to stop running.

he set the little ball under his paw and leaned to stingray with a grin: i bet ours are the two biggest ones. a statement short lived, for thereafter suzu’s squeal announced a new contender: a round, soft thing the color of peach clouds.
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though rhaegal's mind is admittedly on the tasks set to him by vairë, he attends the gathering when they are called all the same. trying to be present, focusing on the instructions they are given.

a ceremony.

to celebrate rank promotions.

golden gaze peers down at the three oysters of varying sizes placed before him. he opens the first — no pearl. he eats the meat and nudges the shell aside. the second oyster presents no pearl either. the delicacy inside is consumed and that shell also discarded.

he begins to feel slightly uneasy as he turns to his third and last oyster. it cracks open and the large pearl nestled in the meat catches his eye. the pearl inside is a murky brown color; like salted searock.

he places it delicately in an open shell, waiting for what comes next.

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Theo grabbed three oysters delicately, as to not break them before he was ready, and brought them to a little area. He cracked the first one... nothing. Then the second. Score! There was a small but beautiful silver pearl in his oyster. He wagged his tail happily and let out a small bark of joy. "I founded 'un (one)!" He said aloud. "It be sparkly and be very pretty!" He said to no one in specific
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Rykor too grabbed his three pearls. He opened the first one, and to his surprise, a large green pearl was found in it! He had not known pearls could be green, and wasn't too fond of the color, but it was significant in size and of beauty none-the-less.
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there was a lot of change.
erzulie did not ask and she did not question. she lay against the curve of the den and watched as her proud children delivered their catch from the sea. the air was sharp with good, fresh saltwater; erzulie shifted so that sword or quen could see more clearly.
a pearl ceremony. her features lit with a joyous grin, one that fluttered only to remember that meerkat and njord were not near them. and that they would not be.
but determined to keep this day one of pleasure, erzulie watched as stingray blustered forward, and she felt he had found his prize, though through the milling legs she could not quite see.
suzu was next; her smile favoured the girl. and then etienne, a soft look for him; and val.
rhaegal — rhaegal she meant to speak with, or rather, to suggest that another speak with him.
sweet little theo's voice piped up, and rykor, who she did not know, bore a little observation from the ruby.
then it was her turn; she stood gracefully and took three oysters back to her vigilant station beside the den. the pearl was immediate and at once; she savored the meat and let the medium-sized silky shape rest in her palm, the color of a winter's moon. "ah!" the seawife exclaimed, letting the others see the pearl if they wished.
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"mireille?? more like misandreille *cackles*"
thank u val, very cool!
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mireille told herself that today would be one of pleasure and peace. regrettably, cherub's wing would not be there for the celebration, but she meant to go at once and find the other as soon as she was able.
and so she dove until her legs ached and laughed until she cried, dedication to the story of today thrumming and wonderful inside her.
oysters, dripping with seawater, many of them containing the first pieces of the sea that some of them might ever have. her smile was soft and beautiful as she looked from each and each, to their colorful pearls, to their faces, their voices.
she tried not think about her da's absence. she tried not to think that he wouldn't say goodbye or anything else, even if she didn't want it; she couldn't imagine waking one day to find them no longer on the cliffs, or to watch them go.
her mother rose and as she returned to crack the first oyster, mireille too came forward for the trio of her own.
she sat down with them. nothing in the first, though she was grateful for a snack. she grinned toward suzu and eti and theo and stingray, happy to see him here despite what was going on. the second oyster held a pearl, of medium size and brown like the color of wet sand at the end of a wave. she let it nestle between her paws, exploring the murky swirl of color inside.
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This will probably conclude this thread. Feel free to put your pearl in your character's profile if you'd like!

There was cause to celebrate. Rewarding packmates for their loyalty seemed quite enjoyable to those who had been around long enough to participate. The young ones, in particular, seemed keen to get their oysters, and find their pearl. She felt the thrill herself, as she opened her first oyster, to find a medium sized white pearl inside. Her brow lifted; she was pleased. 

Once the thrum of excitement, chatter, slurping of oyster meat and the crackling of oyster shells had quietened, she paid each wolf a visit, to inspect their pearls with a warm smile that brought a wreath of wrinkles to the edges of her eyes. To each, she spoke quietly, relaying the meaning of their pearl with warm tones. 

[Image: EWPOVON.png]
Stingray's pearl was small, and had a distinct, silver sheen to it. He looked pleased with it- when he'd shown it off, earlier. It had caught the sunlight and had glistened. 

"Stingray, you be de keeper of de silver pearl.
Dis hue indicates one who is poised, dignified, an' 'ave good self-control.
It means you will do well in an ambassador role. 
Dis size means you 'ave loyalty in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: 442Yc9N.png]
To her daughter she moved next, to see that Suzu had opened an oyster that bore an unusually coloured pearl; it was distinctly peach in hue. 

"Suzu, we be de keeper of de peach pearl.
Dis hue indicates one who be playful, spirited an' bright.
It means you will bring de pack many allies. 
Dis size means you 'ave a strong mind in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: sqJGHQo.png]
To Etienne she moved next, to see her quiet son sitting patiently with his find; a medium pearl, silver like moonlight. She smiled; the silver hue was always a welcome sight.

"Etienne, you be de keeper of de silver pearl. 
Dis hue indicates one who is poised, dignified, an' 'ave good self-control. 
I t'ink for you, it means you will be good in a caretaker role. 
Dis size means you 'ave a strong mind in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: iKxTxHY.png]
Like a small orb of sunlight, Valravn's pearl was gold and shiny. She was surprised to see one of this hue, and was delighted that it belonged to her brother. 

"Brot'er, Valravn, you be de keeper of de gold pearl. 
Dis hue indicates one who is free, courageous, an explorer of de world. 
It means you are an adventurer, an' would do well as a scout.
Dis size means you 'ave loyalty in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: N5Kj1c2.png]
The largest pearl found yet would belong to Rhaegal- and it was also the darkest in hue. Earthy and warm, his pearl was a shimmering shade of brown, with many depths to its hue. 

"Rhaegal, you be de keeper of de brown pearl. 
Dis hue means you be grounded, confident, secure. 
It means you are steadfast, an' t'rough anyt'ing, you will endure.
Dis size means you 'ave a big heart in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: bSF0Qfh.png]
She smiled lightly when she saw Theo's pearl. He, like many others, was quite pleased with himself for having found one so pretty; in hue, it was silver, and was about the same size as Stingray's. It did not escape her notice that both of her boys had found silver pearls; it amused her. 

"Theo, you be de keeper of de silver pearl.
Dis hue indicates one who is poised, dignified, an' 'ave good self-control.
For you, I t'ink it to mean you would be good in a hunting role.
Dis size means you 'ave loyalty in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: qz5o1RW.png]
When she approached Rykor, his pearl made her eyebrows raise. Not only was it large, like Rhaegal's had been, but the hue was unique as well; a deep, swimming shade of dark green with a lighter shimmer to it. 

"Rykor, you be de keeper of de green pearl.
Dis hue indicates one who is balanced, modest, an' curious. 
One who takes delight in de natural world around us.
Dis size means you 'ave a big heart in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: 9NQK267.png]
Her mother was graciously showing the medium, silvery pearl she'd found to the others when Chacal too came to see. It was similar to the one Etienne had found, which made her smile. 

"Maman, you be de keeper of de silver pearl. 
Dis pearl indicates one who is poised, dignified, an' 'ave good self-control.
It be a fit pearl for one who led our pack to dese shores.
Dis size means you 'ave a good mind in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

Saying those words to her mother- one of the pack's founders- brought a tear to her eye. 

[Image: KiZ8Qil.png]
To her sister she went next, and was pleased to see that her pearl was rich in earthy tones. She smiled. They had come up with this idea together, and it was a pleasure now to get to declare her in front of the pack as well. 

"Mireille, you be de keeper of de brown pearl. 
Dis hue means you be grounded, confident, secure-
the future of dis pack, wid your guidance, be assured. 
Dis size means you 'ave a good mind in you;
to your pack, Sapphique, you be true."

[Image: 9PQY70u.png]
Her own she would announce as well, modestly, and with a quiet smile. No others had found a white pearl; she felt lightly stressed by the uniqueness of it, but reminded herself that all others seemed happy with their pearls as well. 

"I be de keeper of de white pearl. 
Die hue means innocence, elegance, purity.
an' dat I should use dese qualities to keep peace.
De size means...I 'ave a good mind.
To my pack, Sapphique, I be true."
It can be assumed that if Chacal is speaking, she will be singing. Her speaking patterns will always have a melodic quality to them.