Profile of Astera: Quick Facts
Played By: Meri
Basic Info
Full Name: Astera Dahomey-Rivaini Sunrise
Subspecies: mixed wolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 1 (03/19/2023)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound; Monolith Forest
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_inline_p927lut9To1sw0zcv_540.gif]
Profile of Astera: Details
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An adolescent growing into her paws. Currently lanky and awkward, will take on a willowy form as she matures. Long, pale white fur, with the occasional faint grey shading along her shoulders and tail, most noticeable is the grey diamond shaped marking on her forehead. A dark, iron hued shaded area on her shoulders, along with a similar colored tail tip. Astera's baby blues have transitioned into their final color, pastel lilac eyes  #ac8efb. Her cheek fur has a slight beige touch. She smells of the saltwater and cliffs that make up her pack's home.
Social - Carefree - Curious - Reckless

Well-meaning. A loving, but impulsive adolescent, with little thought to the consequences of her actions. A helpful soul, but can be slightly selfish at times. Protective of those she holds dear.
Born to single mother Sydney, in the sequoia forest bordering the Ankyra Sound, Astera was the smallest of her litter. Two of her siblings died within a week of life, leaving Astera and Ravin as the only survivors of the litter. When she was less than a month old, her mother disappeared.

Taken into a neighboring pack, Sapphique, along with her littermate, she quickly found her place in the ocean pack.

Months later, she is swept away by a wave, while looking for her missing sister-cousin, Sobeille. With the aid of Caiaphas's spirit, she finds her friend, and the two reunite with their pack.
Mother: Chacal Dahomey-Rivaini
Littermates: Chani, Chiro
Siblings: Suzu, Theo, Sobeille

Mother: Sydney Sunrise*
Father: Void Hawkcrest*
Littermates: Ravin, Ashla, Sequoie*

* Having never met her father, and being separated from her mother at a young age, Astera only recognizes Ravin and her foster family as her kin. She has no memory of her other littermates, who died soon after birth. While she is aware she wasn't born into Sapphique, she hardly remembers her mother.
[Image: Astera-Miette-by-Muttn.png]
Pack History
Lone Wolf
03/19/2023 - April 2023

April 2023 - Present

[Image: sphere-purple-pearl-removebg-preview.png]
"Astera, you be de keeper of de violet pearl,
dis hue means you inspire trust, respect an' regality;
it means a leader, some day you may be.
Dis size means you 'ave a big heart in you.
To your pack, Sapphique, you be true."
Profile of Astera: Additional Information
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Behind the Scenes
Astera can be referenced:

- Scouting Sapphique and the surrounding territories.
- Spending time at the beach.
- Socializing with her littermate & family.
- Looking for trinkets & gifts for pups.
- Exploring and causing trouble with Sobeille.
Art Credits
(avatar) Lauren
(relations) Astera & Sobeille : by mutton, commissioned by lauren
(appearance) by Jack, commissioned by Meri
(pearl image) HiClipart
(at a glance gif) Yellowstone
Astera's Signature
As of now, my life is quite irregular, even more so than usual. I may post frequently for a few days, then go slow for weeks. I'll try my best to reply within two weeks. Some threads, such as ones with many participants, may take priority over others. Thank you for understanding!

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