Profile of Sobeille: Quick Facts
Sapphique Pearl
Played By: Lauren
Basic Info
Full Name: Sobeille 'Miette' Dahomey-Rivaini
Subspecies: Coastal Mix (50% Grey Wolf 50%Coywolf)
Size: Small
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (June 6th, 2023)
Birthplace: Sapphique (Dragoncrest Cliff)
At a Glance
Profile of Sobeille: Details
[Image: FyX2ukE.png]
By Muttn
A small and unassuming wolf at first glance, one would be hard pressed to pick a specific feature that stands out. Her pelt is a cool mix of cinnamon and burnt sienna, lightening ventrally in the countershading manner characteristic of her species. Her head dons a cauldron black mask, and the two central phalanges of her left paw are milky white. Her eyes are hawk yellow, and tend to linger too long. If one is especially astute, they will notice Sobeille is missing her right canine.
Sobeille observes things. She is willful and sturdy, sometimes appearing unflappable. She pays attention to minute details and finds the pathology of others fascinating. This clinical interest in others can be quite intense. There is a layer of superficial charm that is only surface deep: she rarely demonstrates empathy, and barely tolerates males. Despite her cleverness, Sobeille's affect has a short fuse. There are times even outsiders can observe the lid is scarcely kept from brimming over.

Sobeille observes others to imitate their mannerisms, as she is aware of the discomfort she inspires in her cohort. As a result, her overall presentation can be best described as patchwork. She is a strong believer of the lwa, and has learned to read sigil-bones from Sialuk.
Sobeille was born the day Rosalyn's soul left Sapphique. She is named for her uncle Sobo. Those in Sapphique may refer to her as her pet name Miette, given to her for her small stature.

Mother: Mireille
Father: Val
Littermates: Chantale, Tousaint, Thibault, Astera *.
Siblings: Jadou, Lafayette, Lucette, Shadess.
Cousins: Chani, Chiro, Etienne, Requiem, Suzu, Theo
Piblings: Regin, Sobo, Loko, Coraline, Scarab, Marisol, Clementine, Nieve, Reyes, Solaire, Arcelia, Chacal, Aminthe, Quennell, Stingray, Mercy, & Swordfish
Grandparents & Extended: Erzulie, Rosalyn, Raleska, Merlin, Dacio, Caiaphas, Kierkegaard.

* Denotes no biological relation (adopted).
Italics denote MIA.
Strikethrough denotes deceased.
Pack History
Profile of Sobeille: Additional Information
Registered on October 30, 2016, last visited 7 hours ago
Behind The Scenes, Sobeille may be referenced doing the following:
Hunting, fishing, and scouting — usually alone.
Exploring with Astera.
Taking in an unusual interest in the outside world.
Obsessive interest in bone-reading and star-tracking.
Body language that appears slightly "off" or non-communicative.

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