Profile of Wilwarin: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Wilwarin Baptiste
Subspecies: Mixed (50% Arctic, 37.5% Northwestern, 12.5% NRM)
Size: Tiny, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 0.1 (08/12/2021)
Birthplace: Moonglow, Ouroboros Spine, GBW, Teekon Wilds
Profile of Wilwarin: Details
- The runt of her litter and the smallest of her mother's (already lean and lanky) children, Wil will grow to be tiny and breakable in stature -- an echo of her sickly youth.

- Ivory-pelted like her northron sire and cloaked in a cape-like marking similar to her mother's and elder sibling's, though hers will be a rich caramel in place of silver or gold.

- A charcoal beauty mark 'dimples' her left cheek.

- Her eyes, upon turning with maturity, will be only a shade darker than her biological father's -- the color of sweet honey with golden undertones.
TBD via IC roleplay.
-- Conceived on 06/10/2021 by parents, L贸t毛 and Adrastus Baptiste, shortly after they tied the knot. In the weeks following her conception, Wil's father went missing and failed to return to Moonglow before her birth.

-- Born on 08/12/2021. Shortly after, Adrastus returns to Moonglow but only after nearly being denied entry for fear that he was but a spirit. Upon meeting his children, he stated that Ink was defective due to him being born intersex. This caused her parents to argue and Wilwarin's mother moved the pups back to her former den, barring Adrastus from seeing their children until he could let go of his prejudices. Adrastus destroyed their marital home and left Moonglow after Wilwarin and co. had moved back into Lote's old den.

-- Eyes open on 08/29/2021. Enters Transitional stage of development.

-- 2 months. Begins socializing with her blended family and exploring the world.
Maternal Grandparents: Aldal贸m毛 Yondo-o-Alatar x Elenw毛 Iel-o-Hirilond毛
Maternal Aunts/Uncles: L贸min贸r毛 Yondo-o-Alatar
Mother: L贸t毛 Baptiste
Father: Adrastus Baptiste
Siblings: L贸mion Baptiste , Inkalor毛 Baptiste , Vair毛 Baptiste
Stepmother: Kukutux Ostrega
Stepsisters: Sialuk Ostrega , Samani , Kausiut
Stepfather: Aiolos
Pack History
Upsilon, Tau
Profile of Wilwarin: Additional Information
Registered on August 15, 2021, last visited Yesterday, 04:27 PM
Name Meaning: "Butterfly"
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