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Full Name: Aditya
Past Aliases | Govinda, Hrishikesh
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 7 (03/16/14)
Birthplace: Northern California
Voice: Shah Rukh Khan
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A golden-brown agouti wolf, large and well-muscled. Scarred. Hawkish golden eyes. A black tracking collar around his throat.

a mild-mannered, jovial fellow. always seeking companionship. quick to introduce himself and slow to anger.

bruised, battered, broken 鈥 but not entirely obliterated. a family man, when he wants to be. a history of flightiness.

surya, satya, shanthi (2019 x radha)
brook, stone (2019 x dawn)
dutch, eldest (2020 x easy)

rekha & petyr

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eastern time 路 she/her/hers 路 old fuddy-duddy

i post when i feel like it, which ranges from every day to once every week or two

i prefer spontaneity, twists, and organic development

i archive threads after 21 days of no reply and/or partner goes inactive

i rarely participate in intricate long-term plotting, non-organic ships, or sprees