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Full Name: Aditya
Subspecies: Timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (03/16/14)
Birthplace: Northern California
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rich brown and cream agouti male, black points. body littered in various scars. deep-set golden eyes.

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kind, but closed off. means well, but flawed. humorous, but sensitive. knows not how to balance the passion of love and the passion of anger.

enfp · neutral good
sanguine · pisces
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coming soon.
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Pack History

friendsnando, pema, grayday, sunny, catori, engel, easy, shale, raid, kieran, sorrel, alya, dauntless, lavender, sebastian, alessia, loir, desdemona, izel, ford, rannveig, hamartia, lucas, aiko

mentees— kasatka, winterbourne, eventide

ex-mate— dawn
lovers— (since aug. 2017) alarian, erzulie, vidya
unrequited— coelacanth

children— satya , surya , shanthi (x vidya, march 2019);
brook & stone (x dawn, june 2019)
parentsrekha & petyr
siblingsmany halves sired by petyr
unclesvishal, engel, pran
auntssavitri, maya

family tree

key: unknown, deceased
lone wolf
march 2014 - september 2017

september 2017 - september 2018

lone wolf
october 2018

november 2018 - december 2018

december 2018 - february 2019

lone wolf
february 2019 - may 2019

swiftcurrent creek
may 2019 - august 2019
Profile of Aditya: Additional Information
[Image: lubyC5O.jpg]
cutest art ever by wraen <3

wolf photos from dawnthieves
color swatch idea inspired by stray & others
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Player Information: Miryam
Registered on September 09, 2017, last visited November 13, 2019, 11:17 PM

Aditya | Running away from his sordid past

Cam | Out finding himself in the world

Cortez | Traveling the world with his boyfriend

Denali | Stark raving mad somewhere, if not already dead

Imtiaz | Speaking in riddles to everyone he meets

Kaali | Killing all men in the name of extreme feminism

Llewellyn | Reigning as King of Mynydd, to the southwest of Teekon

Phocion | Wandering aimlessly without his memories

Sizzle | Hopefully back with his owners; if not, dead

Snowe | Making babies with Varrick somewhere

Tashkent | Trying to take over someone's pack, probably

Zamael | Wandering whilst being his grumpy gay self

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