Profile of Dawn: Quick Facts
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Mate to Artyom

Basic Info
Full Name: Dawn Morningside
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain, Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (2016-11-20)
Birthplace: Stone Circle
At A Glance
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Profile of Dawn: Details

Dawn Morningside

trim, athletic build, perfectly proportioned and sporting half a dozen bruises and scratches at any given time. Dawn possesses a coat made of shades of silver, pewter dusting her back and fading to a pale clouded grey on her underbelly. ugly burn scars mar her limbs, healing slowly yet unlikely to ever do so fully. cream highlights her coat in a few rare places, and often is it ruffled and misshapen. like two shining gems, her optics gleam bronze, yet on closer inspection, they are flecked with fiery gold. on her grey-toned pelt, they stand out especially.

Parents: Grayday♂ and Amber♀
Mate: Artyom♂
Children (vi Aditya): Stone♂, Brook♀
Children (via Artyom): Frost♂, Winter♂, Juniper♀, Storm♀
Siblings: Sunny♂

Half Siblings (By Khoe): Easy♀, Lavender♀ and Dauntless♂
Half Siblings (By Catori): Kitten, River, and Eventide
Nieces/Nephews: Minnow♀, Aeryn♂, Valiant♂, Journey, Brave
Cousins: Timberlake♂, Padma♀, Meadow♀, Radcliffe♂
Aunts: Sunspot♀
Uncles: Murdock♂, Shale♂
Profile of Dawn: Additional Information
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