Flycatcher Downs what's that sound
Read Only  August 23, 2019, 03:56 AM

it'd been three days, and she knew then that his disapearance wasn't, couldn't be normal. whatever had gone on between them, he loved their children. his stale scent at the rendezvous was a neon warning sign, though it had taken her a day to find the most recent trail; the one that led here. the blood was old, much of the fur had been blown or dragged away, but the scents here were crystal clear; one undoubtedly Adi, the other completely foreign. male. grief and rage and a horrible ringing emptiness.

a day later she returned to the borders, curling tightly around her children. the trail had led only away, clear and unwavering. and she knew, no matter how far she followed, she would be too late.