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Full Name: Cryptid
Subspecies: Hooman
Sex: Female
Age: 29 (June 25 1990)
Birthplace: Vancouver, BC
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I've been a member of the community since the Seahawk Valley days, and at the time I played Njal Sveijarn, Scarlet Rush (from Kindred), Byron (from the Nereides), and probably a host of others that are forgotten.

Njal was my longest running character! He started out at two years old on the other site, and died here on Wolf when he was eight (I will never be over it, rip my old man!).

Before Wolf and SV, I scoped out WWS but didn't feel confident enough to join for a long time. I think (and my memory is garbage so IDK how accurate this is going to be) I had a character named Kennedy at one point that was a Duck Toller, but he might've been on SV as well? Anyway. Its been a while!

Prior to finding my home with you lovely people, I was active on two long-standing Harry Potter roleplays (Both Sides of London, and later on, The White Ferret), while also flitting around between various Pokemon roleplays, some lion ones (Valoria comes to mind). For a year or so I helped to manage Origin RPG (one of Wolf's affiliates) with my friends Madison and CJ. You might remember them as Raheerah and Tenzin, way back when we ran a Buddhist-style pack in Northstar Vale... And before all of that there was Harbinger, and Doctrine, both post-apocalyptic wolf games.

I'm always down for whumping characters! I'm a little bit leery of sexual themes and would prefer fading-to-black if a thread heads down that road, but violence and coarse language are fine. If you would like help figuring out a plot for your character or you want to get involved with mine, feel free to message me on the forum. I have a Discord account as well but I prefer to steer clear of the game server. You could reach me over Discord if you have my handle, just ask! :)

Pack History
Previously: Tavi , Njal . Raum , Dubloon , Hosannah , assorted others found in graveyard !
Packs: Duskfire Glacier (territory & OG pack with Njal & family) ; Larksong Grotto (territory & OG pack with Tavi & Hosannah) ; Marauder's Keep (led with Tavi) , Northstar Vale (led with Dawa) .
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