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Played By: Talamasca
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Full Name: cryptid (kh)
Subspecies: OOC
Sex: Female
Age: . . . (0/0/0)
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I work nights and weekends, and generally have two or three days off per week. I try to follow a personal rule of "if you can read, you can reply". I'm usually lurking on the Discord though so if you need me, find me there!

Player Policies

  • Please tag my character if you reference them anywhere.
  • If my character hasn't had a thread with yours, they haven't met.
  • If my thread partner's account goes inactive I will archive our thread, but can revive upon request!
  • I'm always happy to fade threads or close them off if necessary.
  • I am open to R-rated content (where allowed) but prefer "fade to black" for sexual references.

Character Design Help, Adoptables

If anyone needs character design help, reference images for new or existing characters, profile layout help, or avatars, I'm always around and happy to lend a hand! I also often have adoptables available. If you see one you are interested in, please reach out over Discord for the fastest reply! Also, I have a lot of inactive accounts and concepts - so if you want a particular name for your character and I've got dibs on it, let me know and I'll edit my own account name to free it up for you. :D

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