Profile of Amalia: Quick Facts
Natigvik Amaguk
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Amalia Willow
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 (April 15, 2020)
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
At a Glance
Black fur which grows lighter as it goes towards her paws. A lick of brown on her tail. Green eyes full of friendliness and laughter, though it holds a heaviness too. Lean muscles with runner legs.
Profile of Amalia: Details
Like most of the females in her family, Amalia cuts an impressive figure for a femme. Large for a female of her breed. Fur as black as a raven’s wing, though like her grandfather and aunt, blue overtures mix in with it, giving it a glossy appeal. She has eyes as green as grass, or the evergreen trees where she hailed from, and in their depths laughter warm and inviting wink out at you with grace. Wide set shoulders taper off into leaner waist and legs full of muscle. Amalia was made to run. She is 101 pounds of lean, lithe grace, a lick of brown breaks up the black of her tail, giving her a unique appearance. Intelligence and laughter, line her long lean muzzle.
Amalia is friendly and inviting, gentle yet firm. She does not push aside her morals. Mischievous and mirthful, but kind and warm. Amalia is carefree most of the time, though she is one that is more than willing to put aside the fun, for work. Easy going, and humble she is a rare kind-hearted femme. She is adaptive and quick learning, and much like the majority of her family, she is talkative when it interests her, but she can be short and brusque as well.
Amalia was born from a long line of story tellers and healers on her father Maddox’s side. Her mother Vivera was carefee and kind of heart, always jovial always happy. Her family made up a small pack at the edge of a tree lined forest, within easy reach of water and food. However, as time moved upon them, and less and less pups were born, and more and more would range far and wide. Then the forest began to die and burn. Draughts and famine, and it pushed the pack to their breaking points. The pack began to implode and eventually disbanded. Setting Amalia adrift and on her own journey.

Amalia was born in Spring to Vivera and Maddox, beside a brother Alaric, and a sister Austria.
Brothers and Sisters - Alaric, Austria
Great Grandfather-Alex
Great Grandmother- Fresia
Great Grandmother-Spring Flower
Great Grandfather-Sun Spark
Great Aunt-Blue Willow
Pack History
Loner 05/20/2022-05/26/2022
Natigvik: 5/26/2022-?
Profile of Amalia: Additional Information
Registered on May 20, 2022, last visited (Hidden)
Amalia's Signature
Hello my darlings. Good to be back.
Player Notes
Mother of Three, Author, Outgoing, Friendly, Always willing to write.
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