Profile of RIP Kannoyak: Quick Facts
RIP Kannoyak
Played By: Teo
Basic Info
Full Name: Kannoyak Sura
Meaning: Cotton grass in green leaf
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 4 [Died: 6/19/2024] (January 1, 2020)
Birthplace: Noahtakmiut, the little river village
At a Glance
Pathmaker, Pathmaker,
Make me a path,
Trade me a fur,
catch me a catch~
Profile of RIP Kannoyak: Details
Handsome and pale, Kannoyak has grown into his strong body and spirit. Coated in a thick white pelt, he blends into the snow. Along his back is silver stippling that is most prominent around his shoulders. Near his haunches is a dash of off-white. Intense plum colored eyes on a watchful face.
Doer, resolute, spiritual, independent.

An ever-working tradesman from his village in the north. Is skilled at hunting and tracking, primarily. He worked with his father to build trade paths for their village and those settled in nearby territories. Spiritual in his beliefs and in all his duties. Was considered a prized man of the snow in his home. Has struck out on his own to find a wife and build a family. Can be set in his ways and is not easily moved from his beliefs or opinions.
Kannotak was born to man with deep voice and his wife, white fox in new snow. He has a large number of siblings. In his litter there are two others - Tipvigut and Aqillutaq who are silver-furred twin sisters. In their second litter there are three younger sisters in Tattilgat, Pamiuq, and Aqakuktuq. A litter of four has just been born and the names of those pups are Miki, Suka, Kinalik, and Imnek.
Profile of RIP Kannoyak: Additional Information
Registered on January 16, 2023, last visited 2 hours ago
Desired Trades:
Hunter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Scout: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Art Credits
Banner by Chan (Ariadne), avatar by Phobic-Art (gift from Ariadne)
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Player Notes
Well hello! I've been RPing for years on a lot of sites. Used to prowl the proboards back in the good days gone. I played on Ruins of Wildwood and Souls for a short time years ago. Thought I'd try to write again! Thanks for having me.

I am always available to 'spree' if so desired. ^^
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