Profile of Gun: Quick Facts
Played By: Bees
Basic Info
Full Name: Diesel Gun
Pronunciation: guhn
Meaning: English; a firearm
Subspecies: Dog [ Dogue de Bordeaux ]
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: [ Cis ] Female
Pronouns: Feminine
Age: 3 (26th September 2019)
Birthplace: Idaho, USA
At a Glance
To-the-ground and forward-balanced. Stout, but large. Wide, flat face, dangling jowls. Big head. Scarred. Mangled. Small hazel eyes. Wrinkled head to tail. Rusted chain collar.
[Image: running-hooch.gif]
Profile of Gun: Details


  • Shrunken muscle mass.
  • Weight loss ( 100 lbs/45 kg ).
  • Lower stamina.
  • Irritable.


Gun is the quintessential working female of her breed, average in height but notable in her powerful, well-defined musculature. Her head is massive, round and broad, with wide-apart eyes and hanging jowls. Most of note is her compact build, with shorter legs and a strong, off-balance front.

[Image: unfin.png]

Height: 25.5 in / 65 cm
Healthy weight: 108 lbs / 49 kg
Eyes: Hazel
Coat: Smooth | Short | Fawn
Markings: -
Nose: Isabella
Pawpads: Isabella
Claws: Yellow
Scent: Unpleasant | Dog, female, drool, fleas, musty mastiff stench
Default expression: Sad, tired (due to facial anatomy) | Pissed off, cocky
Voice: Deep, gruff. Speech impediment; cannot make labial sounds (P, B, M, V, F) and pronounces S and Z as SH and ZH.
Accessories: Chain necklace around neck. Many links are rusted.
  • Missing fold of skin above right-side brow.
  • Massive teeth marks on throat.
  • Missing left upper lip, showing small, misaligned teeth.
  • Hole in wrinkle fold on right side of neck.

  • confrontational
    " instantly, the bitch shifted mood. she stood her ground and began barking at the wolf like it were a mailman come from hell to deliver repentance to the wrong address. "

  • boastful
    " the fox swayed as the mastiff came closer, swagger in her step. she stopped maybe three leaps away from the wolf. a brow - the intact one - rose and the dog slightly shimmied her catch.

    in the style of waving a hundred dollar bill in front of a beggar. "

  • lewd
    " diesel admired the wolf - she-wolf the wind told her - from afar. what a sight. diesel played a fun game of mental tug-o-war deciding whether she was intimidated or aroused by the giant. "

  • liar
    " "er- yeah!" a laugh to cover up that fact she
    had no earthly idea what the chick was talking about. "yeah, 'ai 'em, uh, a 'it, eheh, 'ar hron hon." her brain started sputtering, as it had already had to dedicate some energy to building a different lie. "

  • stubborn
    " then the wolf turned around and made as if to leave. ohoho, did it get tired? did blood rush to its legs? did it need to go back home to wolf-mommy and wolf-daddy? might as well have tucked its tail, for diesel read this action as cowardice.

    she grinned and trotted up to the side of the retreating wolf, now feeling daring enough to come closer to the gigantic canine.

    "hey hey scarface, why the rush? you got somewhere to be?" "

  • defiant
    " the dog raised one hind leg and, without breaking eye contact with the male, unleashed a stream of steaming piss onto the snow.

    in canine language, this would be considered a middle finger, combined with pissing on a stranger's doorstep. "

[Image: unknown.png]
[by @Talamasca]
[Image: MCvhjm6.png]
[by @mercury]
Dam: Princess
Sire: Franco
Littermates: Murphy, Lola, Riley, Jax
26th September 2019 - 18th February 2021
[ 1 year, 11 months ]
^ Guard

Unwanted, but assertive. Rebellious, loud, dominant. Behavior never corrected, sometimes encouraged.

18th February 2021 - 2nd December 2021
[ 9 months, 1 week ]

Rough and tumble. Street menace. Self-proclaimed "shit-stirrer".




  • Augur big guy ("hig huy") knocked her up + is a filthy slut

  • Amalia - pond-eyes ("hond-eyesh") pretty & friendly

  • Sandulf - ginger red hot hottie

  • Aquene - waterbean ("haterhean") a guy's hot wife

  • Lótë prettyface ("hrettyhace") someone's hot wife

  • Germanicus - boss ("hoss") / big grey daddy-o of mereo ("hig grey daddy-o oh hereo") former employer

  • Glaukos - shitface ("shithace") default target of grossness

  • Ruenna - lady hen nice old woman

  • Fury - scarface ("shcarhace") / white cunt ("hite cunt") bitch who got her face

  • Kallik - icicle dick ("ishicle dick") has a hot wife





202X: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA (sired by TBA)
Pack History
2nd December 2021 - 6th December 2021
[ 4 days ]

6th December 2021 - 29th January 2022
[ 2 months ]

29th January 2022 - 19th October 2022
[ 8 months ]

19th October 2022
[ 2 weeks ]
Profile of Gun: Additional Information
Registered on November 30, 2021, last visited 4 hours ago
OOC nickname & pronouns: "diesel" / "gun" | she/her

  • 500 posts.

  • Master Warrior.

  • 2 player character kills. [0/2]

  • 5 unique player character sexual encounters. [2/5]

  • 3 player adopted offspring. [0/3]
Caregiver, Chronicler, Counselor, Naturalist, Spiritualist ability checks: Roll with disadvantage and subtract 3.

Hunter, Scout ability checks: Roll with disadvantage and subtract 2.

Mercenary ability checks: Add 2.


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  • Swearing and mature language.

  • Sexual content might be described in detail [WITHIN SITE RULES].

  • Explicit violence.

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