Profile of Avicus: Quick Facts
Played By: mercury
Basic Info
Full Name: Avicus Redtail
(Born Avicus Sithil Melonii-Bearclaw)
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf with some coyote thrown in
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: Deceased (May 9, 2020 - December 29, 2023)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
At a Glance
due to a combat injury, Avicus was missing the front 1/3 of her tongue and spoke accordingly garbled, completely unable to pronounce sibilant syllables like ess, tee, thh and shh.
Profile of Avicus: Details

[Image: cvJVa7S.png]

Art by Lauren

of average height and weight, with pelt the russet of her paternal grandmother, cut through by various old and new battle scars. shrewd Melonii-indigo eyes. missing a third of her tongue and carried a speech impediment as a result.

a woman of few words, especially so after her tongue was taken by moonwoman. fierce hunter and fighter. extremely loyal to those loyal to her. haughty, imperious, alpha female—with a shred of self-doubt buried very deep.

ISTP: 'The Crafter'Chaotic NeutralEnneagram 8w7

2022 | Relic, Masquerade, Redd
2023 | Redsky, Watcher, Mulherin, Carrion

Merrick & Astara


younger siblings:
Asperas, Apophis

Ancelin, Atreus

maternal grandparents:
Cicero Melonii & Relmyna (Vuk DeMonte)

paternal grandparents:
Indra Redleaf & Tadec Betsalel

maternal piblings:
Averna, Maegi, Ramsay, Euron

maternal grandpiblings:
Potema, Damien, Kendra, Pietro

paternal grandpiblings:
Laurel, Milo, Tambourine, Tapat, Astik, Phoenix

maternal first cousins:
Sakhmet, Sobek, Anansi, Hypnos, Miseria, Blueberry, Midas, Medusa

others on-site:
Pied, Kisu, Saena, Pura, Reek, Meldresi, Bane, Seff, Vuk, Vaati, Ganondorf, Koume, Kotake, Kaori, Shiori, Airi, Lumiya, Venamis, Revan, Zannah, Scylla, Hela, Tizir, Xizur, Toshi, Kiyoshi, Lucas, Wyatt, Piper, Riley, Louie, Charles, Ukelele

WOLF bloodlines:
Redleaf & Melonii
Pack History
may 9, 2020 — april 8, 2021

april 8, 2021 — may 6, 2021

may 6, 2021 — june 27, 2021

june 27, 2021 — august 20, 2021

august 27, 2021 — december 15, 2021

december 15, 2021 — june 17, 2023

june 17, 2023 — august 23, 2023

august 23, 2023 — december 29, 2023
Profile of Avicus: Additional Information
Registered on March 14, 2020, last visited February 09, 2024, 12:44 AM
this wolf is no more. she has ceased to be. she's expired and gone to meet her maker. she's a stiff. bereft of life, she rests in peace. her metabolic processes are now history. she's kicked the bucket, she's shuffled off her mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible.

this is an ex-wolf.

by Summer

thread titles from the works of Edgar Allan Poe
Art Credits
avatars by bon, Talamasca, Wilthking, me (photos courtesy Dawnthieves)
Avicus's Signature
but see, amid the mimic rout,
a crawling shape intrude —
a blood-red thing that writhes from out
the scenic solitude
Player Notes

Addison | 02.17.17 - 03.14.19
Tumbled off the side of a glacier during a storm

Avicus | 05.09.20 - 12.29.23
Fatally wounded by an elk during a pack hunt

Eurycrates | 07.12.16 - 12.16.18
Cut down by Drageda during a solo raid on their territory

Fraser | 07.8.16 - 05.09.20
Murdered by Merrick for insubordination in trying to protect pups

Lily | 06.04.16 - 06.02.19
Perished defending Elysium from an angry mother bear

Maegi | 10.13.17 - 07.20.22
Passed away in Blackfeather Woods after suffering from brain cancer

Megara | 07.19.11 - 07.01.19
Succumbed to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever contracted from ticks

Nashoba | 04.04.13 - 06.30.18
Killed by Redhawks for trying to hunt one of their pups

Pygmalion | 06.12.16 - 01.20.20
Ravaged by rabies contracted from Caiaphas

Shale | 01.17.13 - 08.20.18
Died in the midst of a wildfire trying to save his son

Stanislav | 01.01.13 - 12.27.18
Kicked in the head by a deer during a hunt

Tahani | 01.05.14 - 09.11.19
Died in her sleep from a chronic illness

Vercingetorix | 05.??.15 - 10.07.19
Killed while defending his children from Merrick

[Image: q5qPWM1.png]
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