Profile of Sivuġat: Quick Facts
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Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Sivuġat ( siv oo gatt ) · cutting teeth / fang
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Lanky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 1 year (July 1, 2020)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
At a Glance
[ H 34" / 2.8ft | L 64" / 5.3ft | W 160 lbs ]
Profile of Sivuġat: Details
the boy

A composite of basalt, pewter, and shadow. His face is black-capped, adorned with pale freckles along his cheeks and nose bridge. Mud-brown eyes often look sunken in to his bearish face. The ragged hang of his coat gives the illusion of extra bulk as well as a lack of hygiene. His ears are close-cropped on the inner segments by the crown of his head, after being grabbed as a child. For all his height and obvious largess, he lacks considerable muscle tone and remains racy, rather than stalwart.

Born alongside a brother (now missing, presumed dead), to an absent father and brutish mother (both deceased). Raised among the wolves of Ursus where he served as a punching bag to Avicus and Aventus. His caretaker was a silent, hateful creature; the next an absent-minded but devout follower of the daedra. The boy eventually replaced the resident medic and did his best to mind the storehouse, eager to prove himself, but then got lost while hunting for fresh supplies; before long he was found by a kind woman who turned out to be a witch, who then held him captive for misdeeds against her home, Moonglow.

Following his punishment (a maiming; the taking of his left ear) Sivuġat was banished from the village and left to fend for himself in the flatlands, where he was found by Nyra and, out of options, agreed to go home with her.

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