Profile of Arric: Quick Facts
Swiftcurrent Creek Beta*
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Arric Du'andris
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Gigantic, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (July 10, 2019)
Birthplace: Outside of the Teekon
At a Glance
Large, Athletic, colorful. Long Lean legs of a runner, built to hunt and for speed, not so much for the fight as his father, though he isn't small by any means.
Profile of Arric: Details
Large and obsidian, though a white ring upon his left eye, and red undertones mixed into his fur. He is built well, much like his father before him. He is handsome and hardy with sky blue eyes.

[Image: arric.png]

FlowerPossum made this art.

Mostly ICLY However,

Unlike his father Arric is more adjusted. Does not wear the burdens of his anger as his father did. Can control his temper. He is mannerly and kind, but will attack if necessary. Can hold his own. He has his father's blood lust of sorts, however, he has a higher control over it than his father. It just makes it easier to hone in upon a target.
Born to Jace Du'Andris (Soul warrior) and an unknown female, he was born outside of the teekon wilds. His father was killed when he was attempting to save innocent wolves between two warring packs. His father died as he had lived nobly.

Determined to find his last name as his father had, and his grandfather before him, he set off in search of the home his father had loved so thoroughly anxious to know his father's past and his mother's. Though she was a bit of an enigma. Impish and funny.
Jace Du'Andris-father
Wildheart Shadowsinger-Grandfather
Pack History
Swiftcurrent Creek- Beta
Profile of Arric: Additional Information
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