Profile of Jakoul: Quick Facts
Akashingo Mazoi
Played By: siv
Basic Info
Full Name: jakoul koscinska
Subspecies: mixed wolf
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (january 2017)
Birthplace: Away from Teekon.
Profile of Jakoul: Details
[Image: tumblr_oisntmy6NO1ufzk7po1_r1_500.gif]

Lean and sharp, defined by angles that create deeper shadows in an already pitch black figure. A coat that is uncommonly short and barely seems to grow any denser in the winter months. Two sharp silver eyes settled into her narrow skull.

A permanent uneven gait from a once broken left hind leg.
❝ — Large black dogs can be a dark omen, did you know that? They foretell death, just like banshees do, and they follow you, and if you but look at them in the eye you are condemned... ❞

Pack History

A former leader of Blackfeather Woods.

Now a mazoi of Akashingo.
Profile of Jakoul: Additional Information
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Jakoul's Signature

all of akashingo may reference jakoul being most active between dusk and dawn, observing them from afar or scouting in and out of territory.
Player Notes
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