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Full Name: Jakoul Koscinska
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (January 2017)
Birthplace: Away from Teekon.
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“bones, blood and teeth erode”
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Lean and sharp, defined by angles that create deeper shadows in an already pitch black figure. A coat that is uncommonly short and barely seems to grow any denser in the winter months. Two sharp silver eyes settled into her narrow skull.

Recovery from a broken left hind leg is finished. However she will walk with a permanent uneven gait but otherwise fine.
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Pack History
Rather close to Maegi.

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Blackfeather Woods
(March 31, 2019 — December 3, 2019)
Byrei → Harei → Lanta → Merei ← Lanta → Morta ← Merei
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