Profile of Gucci: Quick Facts
Akashingo Neb
Played By: Bees
Basic Info
Full Name: Georgia Honeys Veni Vidi Gucci [ Titles: GCHG, ATT, CDX ]
Subspecies: Dog [ Chihuahua ]
Size: Medium, Pudgy
Sex: Male
Gender: [ Cis ] Male
Pronouns: Masculine
Age: 6 (13th August 2017)
Birthplace: Georgia, USA
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_n41braofxM1sing4bo2_250.gif]
Profile of Gucci: Details
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  • Overweight: 17lbs / 8 kg
  • Creases of fat on neck. Sagging belly. Full thighs.
  • Slower, less prancy walk.

  • Lack of stamina.
  • Aches in the joints.

A plump, jovial nobleman.

Weight notwithstanding, Gucci exemplifies the perfect, award-winning standard for a dog of his breed.

Of ideal height, slightly longer than taller at the withers; an "apple" head with a soft spot at the top of the skull, between the large, erect and well-furred ears; full, round eyes that however do not bulge, giving him a so-called "saucy" expression; a curled, fuzzy tail, the tip of which gently touches the back.

His most exemplary trait is his long, luscious, enviably soft, double-layered coat that gives him full cheeks, feathering at the legs, fluffy "pants" and a proud, luxurious and soft ruff of fur about his neck.

[Image: GUCCISIG.png]

Height: 6 in / 15.24 cm
Healthy weight: 5 lbs / 2.2 kg
Eyes: Black
Coat: Double | Medium | Black & Tan
  • Tan mask engulfs brows, top and sides of muzzle.
  • White spreads from cheeks, over front of neck fluff and all the way
    to the very tip of tail.
  • Legs are tan from elbows to feet, but leave white toes.
  • A bit of tan is present on the tail and ears, smothered between white and
Nose: Black
Pawpads: Pink
Claws: White
Scent: Pleasant | Field flowers (wild lavender OR spotted bee balm OR California rose), Akashingo (sand, coyotes, wolves, cool earth, fresh water), dog, male, fresh blood
Default expression: Aloof
Voice: Pitched, masculine. Southern drawl.
  • Knit sweater | Mahogany red. Cowl-necked. Stored away in his rooms. Used as blanket and pillow, but preserved.
  • Leather collar | Round, metal dog tag has a Gucci brand logo engraved on the front. On the back it reads "MICROCHIPPED" and "CONTACT NUMBER" underneath, followed by a Santa Barbara area code phone number.

he expected a spark of recognition, that moment of realization at the presence of the best-furred noble of noblest akashingo!

  • a Politician;
    Opportunistic | Spoiled | Conspiratorial
By chance elevated to rank, wealth and family, Gucci works tirelessly to preserve all three, employing charm, cunning persuasion, and at times, indirect threats.

After living through assassinations, ascensions against order and brushes with war, Gucci's become set and conservative in his approach to politics, viewing change as too great a risk when the system in place already benefits him and his.

ah been 'ere longer'n ya. speakin' proportionally, mah ears're bigger; ah heard 'n' seen how th' mesa tics. sahm brawny redcoat o' queenslands waltzes in? 'nless someone twists 'is ankle, we're 'boutta dance a different tune.

[ ... ]

n trust me, mazoi, ye ain't gon' like th' rhythm.

  • a Gentleman;
    Sociable | Talkative | Sympathetic
Exuding a homey, Southern sort of charisma, Gucci values courtesy, chivalry, and genuinity. He navigates social interactions with enthusiasm, guided by a strict sense of proper conduct. Priding himself in being a good host, advisor and elder, Gucci takes upholding his reputation as such very seriously.

His mama raised him right, is all he'd say on the matter.



[Image: tumblr_m53y4eQHWX1qbgmyg.gif]

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[Image: Gucci-Symbol.png]
Dam: Honeys Keith-Harding Chattahoochee ["Frappuccino"]
Sire: Zeus Von Der Rosendorf ["Franz"]
Littermates: Georgia Honeys Carpe Diamond ["Chadon"], Rosendorf Esse Quam Buccelatti ["Buccelatti"]
Georgia Honeys
13th August 2017 - 8th September 2019
[ 2 years, 3 weeks ]
^ Show dog
  • Certificate of Merit
  • Best in Show
  • Coursing Ability
  • Champion
  • Grand Champion
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Grand Champion Bronze
  • Obedience Graduate Open
  • American Kennel Club Temperament Test
  • Grand Champion Silver
  • Therapy Dog Novice
  • Grand Champion Gold
  • Companion Dog Excellent

Golden child of the kennel. Exceeded all expectations. Crowned with greatness.

Patricia Solano
8th September 2019 - 3rd December 2021
[ 2 years, 2 months ]

Cherished. Pampered and pleasured. Loved and was loved.

[ 2023 ]
[ 2024 ]











    Offspring: Medusa Vaermina Melonii Sem-Bintanath, Midas Sanguine Melonii (conceived by Maegi Jael Blackfeather & Sayf, 2022)
    Pack History
    3rd December 2021 - 6th December 2021
    [ 3 days ]

    6th December 2021
    [ 2 years ]

    RESIDENCE - House of Gucci
    Kintla Flatlands, Lion's Head Mesa
    Settled: August 30th, 2022
    Occupants: Gucci

    ❝ A courtyard in Mesa rock, illuminated by shafts of light as the Sun rises in the east.

    Cracks in the stone walls each open up into a room; an empty nursery, two guest rooms and the master bedchamber. When weather is good, lounging mats are dragged out into the courtyard to enjoy the air.

    Fellahin of Akashingo tend to these rooms. Neb Gucci's dispersed children are always welcome to stay. ❞

    [Image: 3f.jpg]

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    OOC nickname & pronouns: "gucci" | he/him

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    • Base health points: 4
    Mercenary and Hunter ability checks: Auto-fail.

    Naturalist ability checks: Roll with disadvantage and subtract 2.

    Caregiver, Spiritualist and Scout ability checks: Roll with disadvantage.

    Counselor ability checks: Add 2.


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    • Mild swearing, mature language.

    • Mild sexual innuendos and references.

    • Censored violence.

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    thread titles are 80s power ballad titles and artists
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