Profile of Merrick: Quick Facts
Master Warrior
Master Missionary
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: merrick bearclaw (née betsalel-redleaf)
Subspecies: 75% wolf, 25% coyote
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (june 24th, 2018)
Birthplace: bearclaw valley
At a Glance
murderous pansexual bear-believer.
merrick and his aunt laurel killed each other on march 16, 2022.

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Profile of Merrick: Details
a lanky brush of charcoal shadow stippled in cream & crimson

currently: per this thread, merrick sported a 'necklace' of healing tooth-slashes midway up his neck. he was missing the two middle toes of his right forepaw. his lips had new cuts all across/along them, and he had a ragged wound curving along his right cheek.

old scars/wounds: an empty socket where his right eye once was; old scars along his right hindleg and half his left ear shorn off by vercingetorix. around his remaining eye, he also boasted six healed toothmarks, courtesy of astara's jaws. more scarring decorated his chin.
imperious, spoiled, inquisitive, stubborn
aloof, reserved, contemplative, questioning
empty, maddened, impulsive, violent
pensive, erratic, lustful, giddy
hateful, focused, educational, xenophobic
reticent, pious, guarded, manipulative

he traveled with the shade of astara & could be found speaking to her
he saw ravens where there is nothing


tadec abandons merrick
indra abandons merrick
nunataq becomes paramount
merrick begins torturing animals
  merrick turns to larger victims  
nunataq abandons merrick
merrick runs from lost creek hollow
merrick admits his madness
merrick meets astara
merrick bonds with astara
merrick is chosen by the bear
merrick & astara kidnap a child
merrick tortures the child
merrick kills his mother
merrick kills vercingetorix
merrick meets caiaphas
merrick loses caiaphas
merrick meets laurel again
merrick discovers that astara is pregnant with his children
merrick very nearly kills his firstborn son
merrick makes up with astara
merrick begins an affair with donovan of the saints
astara murders the mother of two children
easthollow kills one of ursus' own
ursus begins a war with easthollow
the brief alliance between the saints and ursus dissolves
evien is killed by the prayers of aventus
avicus leaves ursus after she and aventus fight
aventus takes his place as bruin-jaw of ursus
arielle joins ursus
merrick & astara welcome their second brood
ursus goes on a pilgrimage back to silvertip mountain
merrick teaches asperas to kill
astara weakens
merrick teaches surya how to use his anger
merrick teaches apophis about the bear
astara is killed by kynareth and nyra of the saints
merrick sees astara dead and mentally breaks
ursus goes to war
nyra impossibly escapes ursus and their ally
asperas turns her back on the bear
ursus returns to bearclaw valley
ursus raids rivenwood in search of laurel
laurel and merrick fight

ursus returns to the valley with both of laurel's children
merrick begins to break indra iii
merrick begins to break abel
merrick and laurel kill one another

mother — indra
father — tadec
aunt — laurel
sister — nunataq
— disowned; ASTARA was all that mattered to him thereafter. through her, merrick has a son, AVENTUS, and a daughter, AVICUS. the following year, astara gave ursus another pair of children, ASPERAS and APOPHIS. but the boy disappeared and the girl renounced ursus. and so ursus recognizes only avicus and aventus as its children.
Pack History
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BEARCLAW VALLEYτ (bearclaw valley disbands)
LOST CREEK HOLLOWpup · affiliate
Profile of Merrick: Additional Information
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by talamascaaa <33
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