Profile of Tundra: Quick Facts
Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Tundra Val Knight
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (12th May 2016)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
At A Glance
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Tundra is currently away. Reason: final term = examzz
Away Since: May 01, 2019 — Returns on: May 31, 2019

Profile of Tundra: Details
drifting like a g h o s t

---> on the smaller side but isn't as stocky as her breed tends to be and moves with a practiced grace. however is also very strong and is well muscled under her thick pelt due to relentless training.

---> has a very thick, pale pelt. however rather than being block white it has soft brown undertones giving it a creamy appearance.

----> has small rounded ears and very large, captivating eyes. eye colour is generally a dark hazel but depending on lighting can vary from rich brown to pure black in appearance.  #4A2704

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[suffers from ptsd] soldier of i c e
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Pack History
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lone wolf
10/8/18 - 6/10/18

blackfeather woods
6/10/18 - 25/01/19
theta - ↑ zeta - ↑ delta - ↓ zeta

lone wolf
Left Teekon
25/01/19 - 07/03/19
07/03/19 - 26/03/19

blackfeather woods
26/03/19 - present
Profile of Tundra: Additional Information
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tundra is accompanied by a raven named bertók. feel free to reference him in any threads as he will most likely be nearby.


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this is a m toned character
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