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Basic Info
Full Name: tundra
Subspecies: arctic wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (12th May 2016)
Birthplace: elsewhere
At A Glance
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Profile of Tundra: Details
a small ghostly being, lithe on silent paws despite strong muscles hiding beneath a coat of icy paleness disrupted only by gentle creamy undertones. large captivating eyes of darkness watch on.

stigmata Wrote:he watched the progression of a wolf-like phantom [...] he watched her drift along on the dark horizon -- her lofty glide giving the small carnivore a lax and compelling presence [...] he poured over what he could of her at that distance and revered her frigid air of maturity.

stigmata could almost see the ground freeze as she floated over it.

aries Wrote:He'd never seen those eyes before, if he had he'd have remembered them - dark, almost warm but appearing blackened and cold.
Her ghostly pelt blended with the stark white of the snow, and she drifted through with the unspoken grace of a faerie, a sylph, to bless his hungry eyes.

liri Wrote:a cream colored waif from the north, scarred, with dark eyes that spoke of a world that has been unkind.

relmyna Wrote:a lovely cream-colored thing was with the man, sloe-eyed and hale.

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| lawful evil |
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the road to recovery from an unknown albeit strong case of ptsd is causing dramatic shifts in personality. once a being of icy coldness with the uncanny ability to hide any lingering emotions due to a lack of contact with them, a change is certainly present.

sporadic mood swings are present; unruly emotions contained for too long launching attacks on their host and leaving the woman scattered. despite a sharp intelligence keeping her somewhat rooted she is more prone to reckless behaviour and shows a lack of caring for herself despite her ability to care for others increasing.

finds a release in violence and struggles to admit the there's a present craving for danger and guiltily finds an excitement in engaging in activities similar to what she went through so much effort to escape.

*this character is not mentally well and this is frequently displayed via thoughts and actions in her posts, if you are uncomfortable with any themes i may reference please let me know*
Pack History
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lone wolf
10/8/18 - 6/10/18

blackfeather woods
6/10/18 - 25/01/19
theta - ↑ zeta - ↑ delta - ↓ zeta

lone wolf
Left Teekon
25/01/19 - 07/03/19
07/03/19 - 26/03/19

blackfeather woods
26/03/19 - 15/09/19
merei - ↓ toma - ↑ decima(leadership)

lone wolf
15/09/19 - 16/11/19

16/11/19 - 2/2/20
pledged - ↑ valitúrë

2/2/20 - present
Profile of Tundra: Additional Information
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tundra is accompanied by a raven named bertók. feel free to reference him in any threads as he will most likely be nearby.


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