Profile of Iiana: Quick Facts
Moontide First Trader
Played By: bon
Marked Away: slow responses due to college and life stressors
February 18, 2024 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: iiana ozia
Subspecies: gray wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 3 (5.25.2020)
Birthplace: Far north in a dense forest during the summer
At a Glance
[2.2.2024]: classes have started again, so responses will slow down. i'll respond when i can!
Profile of Iiana: Details
[Image: Illustration324_bust.png?ex=65db72b1&is=...49bb440c3&]

[ auburn ] [ green eyes ] [ lean build ]

iiana is a beautiful wolf. her doe-like eyes are a bright spring green. her coat is predominantly grey with a mix of auburn with a cream underbelly. her mane is of short, coarse texture that fades from auburn to a blonde, with grey flecking splattered about.

she is average in stature β€” toned. with strong legs that help carry her through even the thickest of snow when traveling.

different seasons means different accessories that she uses in her mane. in spring and summer, she uses flowers and leaves. in fall, she uses the dry leaves that fall on the ground and meadow stalks. and in winter, she uses twigs or nothing at all.

[ honest ] [ chatty ] [ empathetic ] [ playful ]

a very chipper wolf, iiana is someone who rarely lacks a smile on her face. she is highly expressive, and an open book. this makes her honest, only holding back her tongue when she reads the room and understands that now is not the time. she is quick to read signals, but whether she listens to them or not is up to her. she can be a bit ditzy, especially when adrenaline is pumping through. overall, she just wants everyone to get along and have a good time.

[Image: 191234a50f844efa81cf4e4698b3f6dc.gif]
Pack History
LONER [03.03.22 - 03.22.22]

Profile of Iiana: Additional Information
Registered on February 08, 2023, last visited 1 hour ago
β€” begin trade in Scout (Ranger), and counselor (Coach)
β€” maybe find a partner, not very high priority though
β€” more friends!

β€” she speaks very quickly, the more excited the harder it is to understand
β€” has a romantic preference for women
β€” still figuring stuff out for this girl, don't be surprised if some minor things change
β€” she likes to take home random trinkets and souvenirs!

Art Credits
icon photographer: kati h (dawnthieves)
decoration gifs:
all art otherwise uncredited is done by me
Iiana's Signature
[Image: Illustration458.png?ex=65dc1b82&is=65c9a...0f17baf48&]
the taste of salt at the tip of my tongue means i am home
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Player Notes
My ooc account is Bon
I try to respond whenever I can, but during weekdays I'll most likely respond at night
I'm an artist so most of the art on my profiles will be done by me unless stated otherwise
I type lowercase but absolutely do not mind typing in proper capitalization if you would prefer it
If I have not responded to your thread, I most likely may not have seen it!
feel free to PM me to remind me
I prefer plotting OOC, but I can also always improvise as well.
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