Profile of Kukutux: Quick Facts
Master Seer
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: kukutux ostrega
Subspecies: canis lupus arctos
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (1.1.18)
Birthplace: island of dancing lights
At a Glance
as per this thread, kukutux now wears healing scars from below her right eye to the bridge of her nose. only treatments & time will determine how they end up.

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Profile of Kukutux: Details
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quiet, moon-coloured. a slight young woman who looks her age, save for the deep expression in her gaze. usually wearing a prey-skin slung over her shoulders; smells gently of sweet plants and forested places. since childbirth, kukutux has been granted a new curvature to her hips. high upon her right shoulder is a jagged, t-shaped scar, courtesy of a boar she hunted with astaroth.
spurred onward first from her native home by grief and then from moonspear by tragedy, kukutux is marked by a quiet, watchful nature. cloaked in hues of cream and ivory, she wears a pair of spring-green eyes in her delicate face. unlike the majority of her kind, kukutux is mid-framed and fine-boned.

originally from the SIQINIQ ISLE, kukutux does not speak of the dead now.
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moonspear's desolation ended with kukutux injured and separated from her mate and their son. a seven-day vigil followed by nine nights of death songs have proven to the duck and sialuk, their daughter, that their loved ones walk among the dancing lights.

in keeping with the taboo of speaking no name belonging to the dead, kukutux refers to her passed husband as blackfox and their lost son as young moon-hunter.

in the summer following the winter of death songs, kukutux gave life to kausiut and samani at the hearth of aiolos.

through the marriage of lótë and adrastus, kukutux has become ajâtsuk to their children: lómion, inkalore, vairë, and wilwarin.

nuak is her kin. she believes this to be true through a vision cast by the spirit-talker eldritch. for now, kukutux calls him kiliutak, for his choice to be tool of an evil form.

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