Profile of Kukutux: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: kukutux
Subspecies: canis lupus arctos
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (1.1.18)
Birthplace: island of dancing lights
At A Glance
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Profile of Kukutux: Details
quiet, moon-coloured. a slight girl who looks her age, save for the deep expression in her gaze. usually wearing a rabbit skin slung over her shoulders; smells gently of sweet plants and forested places

pre-BWP, kukutux resided on the mouth of the totoka, in a domed den of her own making. displaced first by the rumblings, then the flooding, she is currently a wanderer.

[Image: kukuhome.png]
[Image: kukutuxre.jpg]
spurred onward from her native home by grief and by tragedy, kukutux is marked by a silent submission that most mistake for weakness. cloaked in hues of cream and ivory, she wears a pair of spring-green eyes in her delicate face. unlike the majority of her kind, kukutux is mid-framed and fine-boned.

originally from the SIQINIQ ISLE, kuktux does not speak of home now.

1.1.18 — kukutux is born alongside kiin to father tipvigut and mother kinalik. betrothed at birth to nukilik.
9.16.18 — completes womanhood ceremony. nukilik is made a hunter. the two are married.
11.5.18 — the mountain upon the island moves for the first time. the village chooses not to relocate.
12.12.18 — the mountain moves again. her wrath brings falling rocks. only kukutux and her grandfather tulok escape.
12.31.18 — tulok dies of his wounds. kukutux continues along the coast, then turns inland.

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