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Moonglow Alpha*
Master Missionary
Master Seer
Master Medic
Mate to Aiolos & Sakhmet
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: kukutux nuiruk (formerly ostrega)
Subspecies: canis lupus arctos
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (1.1.18)
Birthplace: island of dancing lights
At a Glance
as per this thread, kukutux now wears scars from below her right eye to the bridge of her nose.

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Profile of Kukutux: Details
quiet, moon-coloured. a slight, small woman with a deep expression in her gaze. usually wearing a prey-skin slung over her shoulders; smells gently of sweet plants and forested places. since childbirth, kukutux has been granted a new curvature to her hips. high upon her right shoulder is a jagged, t-shaped scar, courtesy of a boar she hunted with astaroth. she wears old scars across one side of her face but does not allow it to detract from her confidence. her mien is settled and her aura inviting.
spurred onward first from her native home by grief and then from moonspear by tragedy, kukutux is marked by a quiet, watchful nature. cloaked in hues of cream and ivory, she wears a pair of spring-green eyes in her delicate face. kukutux is mid-framed and fine-boned. in her older age she is observant, perceptive, and direct when needed. she has come into her strength as mother, teacher, and grandmother.

originally from the SIQINIQ ISLE, kukutux does not speak of the dead now.
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kukutux came from the siqniq isle. the names of her father, her brothers, her mother, are lost now. her grandfather was called tusk. he had sent her to gather heather upon the tundra and so she had not been in the village when an earthquake loosed great stones which crushed them all as they were sleeping. kukutux dragged as many of her kin as she could find to the most well-preserved shelter and turned it into a death ulaq for her kin. included in the dead was the young hunter seal stalker, a member of the seal hunter people. they both had nine months and were betrothed. as was custom, he was residing with her kin for a time to learn the sunshine ways. kukutux has only ever told seal and chakliux of his existence.

moonspear's desolation ended with kukutux injured and separated from her mate and their son. a seven-day vigil followed by nine nights of death songs have proven to the duck and sialuk, their daughter, that their loved ones walk among the dancing lights.

in keeping with the taboo of speaking no name belonging to the dead, kukutux refers to her passed husband as blackfox and their lost son as young moon-hunter.

in the summer following the winter of death songs, kukutux gave life to kausiut and samani at the hearth of aiolos.

through the marriage of lótë and adrastus, kukutux became ajâtsuk to their children: lómion, inkalorë, vairë, and wilwarin.

when adrastus returned changed and cruel, aiolos took lótë as his second wife. her children were reared beneath his name and status.

the following year, kukutux and aiolos were again blessed by the spirits with strong children, moonwoman bearing callyope, ariadne, and stratos.

through shikoba and inutsuk, mojag was born to moonglow. kukutux shared her milk with him.

in the third year, lótë took a lover and bore fjall in the forest that would become winterglade, her own village. kukutux hoped to be aunt to him as well, but winterglade did not come to be. lótë and fjall disappeared.

in the fourth year, sialuk returned to build moonspear into a village once more, with intentions to take a husband and bear children on the mountain. the firsthunter of moonglow, rodyn, and moonglow daughter samani were betrothed they moved away from moonglow to the sea and began the village moontide.

after kigipigak's abandonment, kukutux took sakhmet as her wife. later in the year, they called aiolos to the sea, where he lay with them both and each wife conceived. through sakhmet, kukutux also thinks of kivaluk as her son.

moonglow daughter vairë chose a man of the sea in rhaegal sveijarn and the two were married in moonglow. they went out to the ocean and began the building of saltshore.

at the hearth of aiolos, kukutux delivered sons massaraq, kassuq, and arrluk. sakhmet birthed a daughter, galana.

her chosen sister shikoba became anaa again, bringing chiteo and ajei into the world, a pair of children considered again to be her kin.

sakhmet disappeared from the village, followed by galana. the pack searched and mourned, but they did not come back.

in the summer, sialuk birthed maggak and acrux in moonspear, the first grandchildren to kukutux. salaksartok, nasamiituuq, and ipiktok were born to rhaegal and vairë not so long thereafter. however, quite soon after the birth of this children, rhaegal disappeared from saltshore and from his family. kukutux discovered her daughter alone with three very young pups, and with some encouragement, brought vairë and her grandchildren back to moonglow.

after a period of mourning, vairë, also called moondoe for the choosing of the sacred deer, was chosen to become moonwoman. she is now slated to follow kukutux, who will soon step down as leader. many teachings have been passed on, and many more will follow. formally kukutux has taken the title of moonmother, and when she steps down, moonwoman will belong to vairë as a title.

lótë returned, and with her she brought the young moon-hunter, the boy now man believed to have died upon moonspear. after a spiritual cleansing, she gave him the new name of mauruk.

at the end of that summertime, kukutux lost another child in samani. she died in childbirth, leaving behind rodyn as well as a pair of sons in rolayne and panuk. this time, it was ariadne who helped moonwoman sing the death songs, now a tradition of loss among their clan. mauruk bore the brunt of this, for had it not been for his return, an evil spirit might not have followed with him and killed samani. she sent him away to the caribou hunters, with whom he now resides.

it was during this time that kukutux sent her sons massaraq, kassuq, and arrluk upon their spirit walks. arrluk returned in confident triumph. kassuq returned wounded. and massaraq came back tried in both body and mind. she tends them with vairë,

moontide slowly mended. sialuk nursed the sons of her sister. village moonsong rose, guided by ariadne. it was in the end of this year that kigipigak returned and set his sights on ariadne. the two of them quickly cultivated a romance that was not well accepted by any in moonglow, perhaps few in moonspear, considered by moontide, and was questioned by those in moonsong.

a convocation of many packs in the hoshor plains for a bison hunt culminated with ariadne conceiving four children which she bore the following spring: atuasiq, malguk, pinasut, and sisamat. shortly after their conception, moonsong was abandoned to the good man named dutch. kukutux met him as moonsong was gathering members. it was at this time she also met valiant morningside, brother to dutch.

ariadne disappeared with kigipigak, a decision perceived to be heavily influenced by how the moonpacks received their relationship. as of this moment (2.18.24) kukutux does not know the whereabouts of this daughter. she has traded the seal hunter chakliux the wisdom of his womenfolk, to be taught to his new wives, in return for the man discovering the location of ariadne.

following the bison hunt, dutch's brother valiant morningside and his sister minnow returned to moonglow. he and vairë, who had deepened their romance during the hunt, continued to court one another. kukutux left again soon after her wolves returned to the spine, thinking twofold: one, she would make a journey between the sea and the wilderness and the mountains, offering healing knowledge and teachings. and two, that she would barter for any news of where ariadne had gone, not knowing that her daughter has now taken the name of asivaq.

vairë, aiolos, and shikoba were charged with moonglow. kukutux traveled. in her absence, moondoe came into her time and took valiant for her husband. the children ikniqpalagaqï "lightfoot," nantahala "lilyflower," and yuralria "lariat" were born the spring to follow.

sialuk took lovers that winter as well, bearing adlak and tiuttuk when the warmth returned. the mountain stands sentinel over the wilderness. the moonwolves grew in number and strength. with no moondaughter upon the glacier, dutch charged it with the renewed name of morningsong, and they are no less close with moonglow than before.

nuak is her kin. she believes this to be true through a vision cast by the spirit-talker eldritch. for now, kukutux calls him kiliutak, for his choice to be tool of an evil form.
husband: aiolos nuiruk
wife: sakhmet
first husband: jarilo ostrega

(x jarilo ostrega): sialuk & saviguk
(x aiolos nuiruk): kausiut, samani, callyope, ariadne, stratos, massaraq, kassuq, arrluk, & galana.* lómion, inkalorë, vairë, & wilwarin were all adopted as nuiruk children and raised with aiolos as their father after he married lótë. theirs was a platonic marriage. kukutux shared her milk with mojag when he was young. chiteo & ajei are siblings to mojag and considered close-kin to kukutux. she is aunt to fjall through lótë's later lover. (unknown to kukutux)

kivaluk is the son of sakhmet and kigipigak, blood now to nuiruk through galana, and considered a son to the hearth of aiolos. huojin is the son of aiolos, and would be welcomed also by kukutux.

(x sialuk) maggak, acrux, pauk, tiuttuk, & kaujimaq.
(x samani) panuk & rolayne
(x vairë) salaksartok, nasamiituuq, ipiktok, ikniqpalagaqï "lightfoot," nantahala "lilyflower," & yuralria "lariat"
(x ariadne) akmaaksi, nutuyikruk, pinasut, & tautukpik
(x wilwarin) airasëa & galathilion
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