Profile of Sakhmet: Quick Facts
Mate to Kukutux
Played By: siv
Basic Info
Full Name: Sakhmet Melonii
Bloodline: Melonii—Atiyeh
½ Eastern wolf & ¼ Mackenzie Valley & ¼ Arctic wolf

Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 3 (June 15 2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods (Blackfeather Woods)
Profile of Sakhmet: Details
[Image: sakhmet-1.png]

the blood of her past.

was once the identical counterpart to a twin. dark and ruddy with a smoked out underside. pale eyes akin to the moon. her body, although small and lithe, has began to carry herself with the power of a queen — of Issumatar. has become a beacon of steel and ire.
[Image: sakhmet.png]

the blood in her wake.

she was born of the blood of melonii from ramsay and atiyeh of parvati. neither of who she recognizes as any parentage, one of them dispatched by her true mother, maegi. in blackfeather woods she was raised, when the world was in turmoil and she lost both siblings. a twin sobek and a ghost anansi.

she claimed no other names or spots in teekon wild until she returned for good. a former bond with kigipigak was solidified with mateship and their two children. akkuma and kivaluk. the family then claimed qeya river as natigvik.

sakhmet was issumatar.

failure has marked her once more.
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