Profile of Shikoba: Quick Facts
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Played By: H2O
Basic Info
Full Name: Shikoba Pheasant Tail
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Size: Small, Muscular
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (May 5)
Birthplace: New Mexico, USA
Profile of Shikoba: Details
Shikoba is a more lithe and compacted wolf when compared to others. She is built for speed, but can’t be classified as “dainty”. She was hardened to be a warrior, her muscles ripple beneath her coat as she possesses terrifying strength and courage. She weighs 96 pounds and measures 5’6” from her nose to the tip of her tail, standing at 2’3” from her shoulders. Her coat is a mix of dirt browns, sand tans, light grays, and black- all fading and mixing together in a beautiful (and dirty) fur color. Her face has a bottom part of light tan on her cheeks and sides of her snout. While on the bridge of her muzzle is a light shade of dirt brown. Her cheeks are spiked with black and gray but remain mostly brown and tan. Her ears have the signature Mexican-rounded shape where it normally cuts into a sharp angle in normal wolves. The outer parts of her ears have a rusty red to them, almost orange like rocks in the desert. She has a pure onyx nose with longer than normal whiskers. Her eyes resemble honey and amber, but can often be perceived as a pale and dark shade of yellow.


Shikoba has acquired a large amount of scars from excessive training, sparring, and large game hunting. They all have faded with time and are darker, some even have fur growing back on them. Some include small nicks on her ears, which are very small and hardly noticeable. Others are bite marks along her rump and back. Some even range on the bottom and side parts of her neck, though they are not deep.

Her most visible scars that have now faded are scars from a mountain lion attack, given to her by Shardul. Across her brow and eye area, claw marks claim her face from the swift swipe of the feline, making her come across as blinded. On her shoulder is another set of claw mark, but also teeth marks in the center of them. Other parts of her limbs and spine are covered in small scars from excessive tumbling against the hard ground after fleeing from the fight with Shardul.

(ISFJ-T) The Defender

Protective · Wise · Friendly · Blunt · Respectful · Spiritual

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Shikoba was born as the daughter of the Chief wolf, Hinto Pheasant Tail. She was the second born, right behind her brother Keme. Her siblings were born right after her, Leotie, Viho, and Sunki.

They lived in a more desert-like area, sand and heat was something the family was incredibly well-adapted to handle. However, the Pheasant Tail family was not prepared to be hunted by humans in their home of New Mexico.

Shikoba and Keme were able to escape as their family fell to the gunshots of the poachers. However, Keme was brushed by a bullet and died of infection only a few weeks later after their escape.

All alone, Shikoba left behind the desert for a new land to call hers. She came upon the Wilds, finding a place in Lost Creek Hollw with Mordecai and Harlyn. However, she would soon leave again after in order to attempt to reclaim her home ground.

Her trip home was a hopeless trek, as she saw that there were a few human settlements in her area and no wolves to call out for. It was finally a reality to her that Pheasant Tail Clearing was dead, and she was the last member left.

Saddened, Shikoba left the desert once more, this time, intending on staying permanently in the Wilds.
AR= At Rest

Great Sire: Abukcheech (AR)
Great Dam: Halona (AR)

Sire: Hinto (AR)
Dam: Adoette (AR)

Sister(s): Leotie (AR), Sunki (AR)
Brother(s): Keme (AR), Viho (AR)
Pack History
:Currently Under Work:

Pheasant Tail Clearing:
Youth Tier - May 5 (2014)
Eta - Feb 23 (2015)
Gamma - March 26 (2015)
PTC Is Killed Off - April 19 (2015)

Lone Wolf:
April 19 - Feb 10 (2015-2016)

Lost Creek Hollow
Theta - Feb 11 (2016)
Eta - Feb 14 (2016)
Zeta Feb 18 (2016)
Epsilon Feb 20 (2016)
Delta Feb 23 (2016)
Gamma Feb 26 - June (2016)

Maurader's Keep
Epsilon - June (2016)
Gamma - June (2016)
Beta - July (2016)

Lone Wolf:
July (2016) -Jan. 14 (2017)

Commoner - Jan. 14 (2017) - (?)

Lone Wolf - Present

Profile of Shikoba: Additional Information
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Shikoba is not a fluent english speaker and will take longer to respond. She speaks fluent Spanish, however, as this is her mother tongue.

Shikoba is a religious being, believing in reincarnation and spirits of the dead that walk the Earth.
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Guardian: 2/10
Warrior: 2/10
Hunter: 2/5
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