Profile of Reverie: Quick Facts
Kvarsheim Systir
Played By: Suledin
Basic Info
Full Name: Reverie
Subspecies: Grey Wolfdog
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (11/22/2021)
Birthplace: The Gilded Sea
Profile of Reverie: Details

A dancer; a docile girl in gold tones with a far-away look about her.
She just wants to dance.

Type 7 enneagram. Neutral good.
Parents: Atlas Medeiros, Morticia Medeiros
Siblings: Atlas II, Opal, Eliorah (2019)
Everett, Evander, Rose (2020)
Athens, Tybault, Winifred (2021)
Profile of Reverie: Additional Information
Registered on November 19, 2022, last visited (Hidden)
Reverie's Signature
Experimenting with my writing; style may vary a bit!
Player Notes
IC ≠ OOC. My characters are unreliable narrators and their thoughts/interpretations of situations are never reflective of my own. My inbox is always open for questions or concerns.
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