Profile of Reverie: Quick Facts
Hearthwood Coach
Mate to Boone
Played By: xynien
Basic Info
Full Name: Reverie "Kiaranatuuk" Willows
Subspecies: Grey Wolfdog
Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (11/22/2021)
Birthplace: The Gilded Sea
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Profile of Reverie: Details
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I saw upon some distant shore
a wand’rer clad in gold,
her paws alight upon the earth
her paws, for dancing formed.

She spun as golden field grass once
would sway upon the plains,
the plains of wildflowers and the
plains of wild rain.

A dancer in pale gold and porcelain, built with a solid musculature featuring strong limbs and a slim waist. Bright, luminescent eyes the color of unfiltered sunlight. She carries herself gracefully in spite of a slight limp, and bears several scars, most notably a small patch of scar tissue on one side of her head and the lingering marks of a cougar's claws across her thighs and hind end. Hidden under the fur of her shoulder, there is a long, thin scar; a permanent reminder of her encounter with a bear, but rarely visible.

Her children, Blossom, Dahlia, Petal, and Foxglove. Her husband, Boone.

Her late husband, Lestan. Her sister, Bjarna, her brother, Everett, and her father, Gunnar. Through Gunnar, her younger siblings Astrid, Kristjan, Sven, and Ujurak.

Family tree.

Reverie is the Coach of Hearthwood.

Formerly of Saltshore, Swiftcurrent Creek, and Kvarsheim.

The sand now moved beneath her feet
as if he’d always known,
this dancer would come dance with him
with paws, for dancing formed.

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Watching me is like watching a fire take your eyes from you
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