Profile of Gunnar: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Gunnar Ivarr Loðbrók
Subspecies: Canadian, Grey, Eastern Timber and Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (May 24, 2014)
Birthplace: Teekon Wilds/Horizon Ridge
At A Glance
Gunnar goes by Tveir to his close family and friends. It simply means 2 in Norse, but it is a nickname he doesn't mind.

A mask of sandy brown and gloves of the same color adorn his dark brown coat. With eyes as gray as cold steel that change when his mood changes. Stocky and Sturdy, medium sized
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Profile of Gunnar: Details
Gunnar has a brown maske that covers his slate colored eyes. Eyes that change depending on his mood from lighter to darker. He is stocky and sturdy, reaching about middle size for a fully grown male wolf. He has sandy colored legs and paws so that it looks like he's wearing long gloves from his paws up to the tip top of his legs.

As he is aging he is becoming determined but kind. He however has no time for those who don't pull their own weight. And from his past he holds men who abandon women in a very cold place. He has not time for them and he finds them a waste of space. He dislikes his biological father for this reason. He is kind, but also is no push over, much like the man he sees as his father Ragnar he is a sturdy no nonsense wolf. Extremely serious he is often in teh back ground and he doesn't speak often, but when he does the words he has to say are worth the wait.
Born to Thistle Cloud and Crete Disarrinno but raised by Ragnar Lothbruk. Born a bastard child in the ridge near the Teekon woods. Has to earn his name for now he is merely Tveir which literally means 2.
Pack History
Thistle Cloud-Mother
Crete-Biological father
Profile of Gunnar: Additional Information
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