Profile of Dutch: Quick Facts
Morningsong Chief*
Played By: mixedhearts
Basic Info
Full Name: "Dutch" Arjun Morningsong
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (January, 2020)
Birthplace: White Spine
At a Glance
Tawny with a black face. Orange-gold eyes. Big boah.
Profile of Dutch: Details
A tawny wolf mottled with patches of darker fur on his sides, face, and hindquarters. Cream collar, cape, and unders. Watermark-like speckles on his unders. Orange-gold eyes. Medium-large in size. Powerful build. A lil bit heavy. Thick, plush pelt.

[Image: dutch1.png?ex=65791ea5&is=6566a9a5&hm=b6...height=436]
Sometimes reserved and contemplative. Sometimes quick-witted and boisterous. Always deeply compassionate, seeking out the true spirit of each individual he meets. His desire for fellowship and intimacy drives him, as does a strong urge to protect that expresses itself in attempts to control people and situations. Has a tendency to press and press until he finds something that hurts — how else will he find out what needs to be mended?
Born to Easy and Aditya atop the Elysian Mountains in a pack called White Spine. He and his sister, Eldest, were the first pups born to this pack on the string of mountain peaks. At six months old, he and his elder cousin, Valiant, went to visit family at Round Valley for a season. From there, they set off on a journey that would span nearly three years.

During this time, he and Valiant made their living as traveling bards and bounty hunters. As a reward for a particularly dangerous bounty — the jungle cat Tendua — he was allowed to mate with a huntress named Auk. He and another bounty hunter, Slow West, were allowed equal shares of this prize before being sent away. They traveled together to Slow West's homeland in the desert, where Dutch spent a few seasons before circling back to meet up with Valiant once more.

In late 2023, the pair made their way back into the Teekon Wilds with thoughts of settling down. Dutch found his home very quickly among the sunshine people, who occupied territories across the Great Bear Wilderness and the coast. These packs were collectively known as the moon villages, and Dutch chose to join the ranks of the newest of them: Moonsong. He made fast friends with a hunter of Moontide, Chakliux, and soon departed with him on a man hunt. They tracked their pray for weeks through the Sunspire Mountains and Rising Sun Valley. The hunt culminated in a fight with their prey that was quickly interrupted by a bear. Dutch was injured, and their prey had escaped.

He returned home with little to show for his efforts, feeling tired and defeated. Shortly afterward, Moonsong's leadership departed without warning. Dutch held the pack together as well as he could, at first requesting help from Moonglow, the flagship village of Teekon's sunshine people. However, with winter taking hold of the land, Dutch didn't feel comfortable with taking able bodies from other packs and decided they would continue on without a moon wolf to lead them.

With this decision, he renamed the village Morningsong.

In the midst of these events, Dutch traveled to Moontide to visit Chakliux and his family. He was invited to their lodge, where Chakliux's wives were in the midst of their fertile season. Dutch laid with both, cementing his bond with the seaside family.
Hunting partner: Chakliux
> In late 2021, Dutch and a fellow bounty hunter, Slow West, laid with Auk, daughter of Moorhen and Kincaid during her season. Dutch believes some of the resulting litter to be his blood, but this matriarchal pack does not usually acknowledge paternal relatives. Their names are Krait, Kucing, Coachwhip, Catamaran.
> In early 2024, Dutch laid with Marina and Tullik, the wives of Chakliux. He considers the resulting litters as well as Chakliux's existing sons, Raiyuk and Matteo to be his children, though he does not see himself as a father so much as an uncle.

Parents: Easy and Aditya
Littermate: Eldest
Siblings: Satya, Surya, Shanthi, Brook, Stone, "Shenanigans"/"Ani"/Silktail, Waxwing, Persia, Jade, Rosewood

Grandparents: Grayday & Bhediya, Rekha & Petyr

He is fond of Sulukinak.

[Image: VttVtp7.gif]
Pack History
Profile of Dutch: Additional Information
Registered on December 06, 2017, last visited February 21, 2024, 03:14 PM

Gen 0: Sunspot, Shale, Grayday

Gen 1
— Grayday & Amber 2016: Sunny , Dawn
— Akuti & Fathi 2017: Preeti, Kipcha
— Grayday & Akuti (Khoe, Bhediya) 2017: Dauntless, Lavender, Easy
— Sunspot & Jarl 2018: Silversong*, Blueridge*, Valkyrie*, Saturnalia*
— Grayday & Catori "Spiritwalker" 2018: Kasatka, Winterbourne, Eventide
— Pema & Shale 2018: Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow
— Sunspot & Jarl 2019: Ice Blink*, Noel*, Mercy*, Sonder*

Gen 2
— Sunny & Aliac 2019: Valiant, Minnow, Hyacinth
— Dawn & Aditya 2019: Brook , Stone
— Aditya & Radha 2019: Satya, Surya, Shanthi
— Lavender & Huskarl 2019: Journey, Brave
— Dawn & Artyom 2020: Frost, Storm, Juniper, Winter
— Easy & Aditya 2020: Dutch , Eldest
— Evergreen and/or Winterbourne & Ira 2020: Dandelion, Blackberry, Wynter/Primrose, Nutmeg
— Winterbourne & Thalia 2021: Marina
— Aditya & Tytonidae 2022: Silktail/Shenanigans/"Ani", Waxwing
— Easy & Aditya 2023: Jade , Rosewood , Persia
— Meadow & Reyson 2023: Rhonen, Deja, Lotus, Niccolo
— Easy & Warsbane 2024: INCOMING
— Adopted by Easy 2024: Sumac "Anurag" - born 2020
— Aditya, Towhee, ? 2024: INCOMING

Gen 3
— Hyacinth, Zephyr, & Wintersbane 2021: Dionysus, Hermes
— Eldest & Llewellyn ap Gwynedd 2022: Madhuri
— Dutch, Slow West, & Auk 2022: Krait*, Kucing*, Coachwhip*, Catamaran*
— Slow West & Shady Grove 2023: Slow Dance*, Irish Whiskey*, Honeybee*
— Marina & Veran, & Naberius 2023: Carlisle, Brockleigh
— Chakliux & Nasamik 2023: Raiyuk
— Chakliux, Marina, & Dutch 2024: INCOMING
— Chakliux, Tullik, & Dutch 2024: INCOMING
— Slow West & Shady Grove 2024: Navasota*, Rappahannock*, Brazos*, Mississippi*

* names marked with an asteriks are adoptable
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