Profile of Ulloriaq: Quick Facts
Played By: roni
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February 29, 2024 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Ulloriaq (morning star)
Aliases: Tulugak (raven)
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 years, 10 months (March 5th 2021)
Birthplace: Kangirsuk
NPC Guidelines
hunting, scouting, spending time with Dutch, giving spiritual advice
At a Glance
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by Chan <3
Profile of Ulloriaq: Details
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vengefulhyena <3

Ulloriaq resembles an ice bear in terms of looks with steely off-white fur similar to a cloud laden heavy with snow. Charcoal guard hairs pepper her spine, forming a distinct black "V" marking at her shoulders reminiscent of two black raven's wings for which she was named. Meltwater blue eyes.

Sometimes, she can be seen accompanied by a black raven who she affectionately refers to as Yutu.
Rarely a serious woman, Tulugak is full of emotion. When she is happy you will hear it in her laughter, and when she is sad you will feel it in her tears. Hard working and fun, but spiritual and often lonesome, she enjoys meeting those from all walks of life.

While recovering from the loss of her family, Ulloriaq is prone to being short-fused and ill-tempered, though she remains outwardly agreeable.
As hunts began to fail and prey no longer returned after winter, Tulugak was sent south from her small fishing village in search of more plentiful land.

Upon meeting Ariadne of the sunshine people, she decided to stay and help found village Moonsong, meeting Dutch and a few other faces along the way. It was also during this time that an evil man tormented the Moonvillages. Tulugak decided to protect the ice-mountain while Chakliux and Dutch embarked on a manhunt.

In the turn of the new year, a messenger from Tulugak's homeland came forth bringing news of her father and she decided to return immediately, promising to Dutch that she would be back when the snow melts.

She arrived home to a dead father and a mother who had drowned herself shortly after his death. Distraught and heartbroken, Tulugak had prepared their death rafts alongside her remaining sister, Asiavik. Taqtara and Iluliaq's whereabouts remain unknown, seemingly vanished into the snow following the events.

After the funeral, Tulugak stayed with the messenger boy and his family for three days and three nights, wanting to escape the pitying looks her villagers gave her. Asiavik remained as Chief and Tulugak shed her name, becoming Ulloriaq, the Morning Star, to honour her father before embarking on the journey back to the wilds.

Upon her return, it was revealed that Ariadne had fled the glacier and left it to Dutch, who now lead it as Morningsong. Though initially angry, she began spending more time with Dutch and explored her spirituality, eventually earning the rank of Shaman.
A mother in Natsiq (seal), a father in Tulok (warrior of the stars). Ulloriaq has three sisters named Asiavik (blueberry), Taqtara (glacier guardian), and Iluliaq (iceberg).

location unknown
Pack History
Kangirsuk (Birth - August 2023)

Moonsong (October 2023 - January 2024)

Morningsong (February 2024 onward)
Hunter -> Shaman
Profile of Ulloriaq: Additional Information
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Avatar by Sas R.
Header by Turbulent Imagery, submitted by Chan.
Appearance lineart by Vengefulhyena.
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