Profile of Wren: Quick Facts
Qeya River Prima*
Mate to Silvertongue
Played By: Twin
Basic Info
Full Name: Wren Aquilanera
Subspecies: mackenzie valley wolf (c.l. occidentalis)
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: cis female kind of
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: lesbian
Voice: susie essman
Age: 3 (03.28.2021 ♈︎)
Birthplace: new bayridge
At a Glance
sprout <3
Profile of Wren: Details

a large and heavyset woman built with lean muscle, wide shoulders, and strong limbs. androgynous with a rough-edged vibe about her. splintered, coarse fur varies in hue from delicate eggshell to dusty mauve and ashy, pale blacks; your typical mountain wolf. a stern, square face with stocky ears and large, expressive eyes the shade of warm honey-brown. scars litter the skin beneath her coat, and she walks with a slight limp in her left foreleg; first caused by a fight with bonario and worsened after an accident on mount apikuni.

isfp: the adventurer | 4w3: the aristocrat, sx/sp | choleric | chaotic neutral

a spitfire with little rhyme or reason. dry-humored, prickly and brash, wren is not the easiest to get along with when taken at face value. socially awkward. passionate in ways that lead her to deep, devoted love, as well as having a nasty temper that winds her in rather unsavory situations more often than not. her heart is always on her sleeve, and rarely do decisions come from logic over feeling. individualistic and stubborn. towards those that earn her trust and respect, she is affectionate and almost blindly loyal. deep down, she harbors a vicious self-loathing which rears its head in often ugly ways.

not strong enough | just | i'd hate me too | crack baby


lauren <3

neoma <3

wren was born the daughter of andras to mother shaba and sister iris in the eastward land of new bayridge; home to the black eagles, a prosperous empire. andras was a warlord of twisted morality, and while his daughters came to him in many prophecies whispered to him, they were never meant to be daughters. an unspeakable childhood then led to a violent uprising, and in the midst of the fray, wren lost mother while sister and father remain at large.

her arrival to the teekons came shortly after her second birthday in the spring of 2023, where she flitted about with few goals until she reached swiftcurrent creek. though brash and impulsive, her dedication led her from iota to gamma under the leadership of akavir and arric, with plans of ambassadorship, mercenary training, and becoming beta alongside them. she found a blossoming fondness for silvertongue; a leader of allied riverclan.

in the autumn, disaster struck the valley. an old enemy drove silvertongue away; a spat between creek and stone circle drew the final straw from wren. lost and crazed with heartache, wren drifted from swiftcurrent emotionally, feeling terrible guilt for her part in the destruction of the alliance, until she formally bid them farewell in search of her lover. silvertongue was found in the desert; alive, but delirious, and with an infected wound on her leg. with quick work on wren's part, silvertongue was saved at the cost of her limb.

the pair began a life in silvertongue's home of riverclan; but wren, given her history, began to have trouble with her new packmates. the tension was bit back for the sake of her wife as the two began to venture into family life, seeking two unknown donors in order to raise twin litters together. it was a time of peace and happiness - until everything seemed to come to a head. akavir came barrelling back in a storm, professing his love for silvertongue; and andras, unbeknownst to wren, was still alive and on the hunt for his daughter. following the sudden chaos and in a flurry of fear for their children, the pair fled to the northern taiga; with the riverwives now at the helm of their own pack, qeya river. sparrow, phoebe, bryony, and rowyn were born soon after, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

cas <3

mother: shaba
father: andras
siblings: iris

mate: silvertongue
children: sparrow , phoebe , bryony , rowyn (04.10.2024)
stepdaughter: shadowpaw
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Profile of Wren: Additional Information
Registered on March 29, 2023, last visited 5 hours ago
Art Credits
banner by chan and photographed by brian forsyth, avatars by twin (one done as a style mimic of lauren); other artwork by twin, lauren, sprout, and cryptid / talamasca <3
Player Notes
i'm twin, a hobbyist writer and artist in my 20s living in virginia. :)

- i am good with OOC plotting as well as spontaneity! i write with a "yes and" mindset and other folks' enjoyment is always my top priority.

- i rate my personal writing preferences at a (within the given site limitations); this means my threads will often contain mature themes and heavy topics, and as such, discretion is advised.

- i tend to be active during the week, and less on weekends. i am sometimes a bit sporadic, and my prioritized characters change depending on ic circumstances!
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