Profile of Heda: Quick Facts
bine g. of dawnthieves

Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Heda of Rivenwood (formerly Skaigona kom Rivtrikru)
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Small, Athletic
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 0 (may 16th 2021)
Birthplace: rivenwood (noctisardor bypass, teekon wilds)
Profile of Heda: Details
daughter of a commander, soldier's blood flows in the veins of this child. only an alabaster cherub with a smudge of russet between her ears, the child will grow into a lithe and hard-muscled creature, adopting her mother's appearance. the autumnal mark upon her forehead will lengthen, traveling the length of her spine, coursing in slender lines along her shoulders, and ending with a pointed accent upon the face of her tail.

currently: small-framed and gangly
[Image: TG9EOIA.png]
the child currently has no cultural ties to her mother's clan, kith, or language, save for a few words from childhood. she is fluent in common and german, but rarely speaks the latter except to her adoptive family and those in rivenwood. she is devoted almost obsessively to hunting, and aware that she is the only remaining member of her immediate family still left in the pack.

β€” born may 16th
β€” eyes open may 29th
β€” socialization june 9th
β€” new den june 16th


β€” praimfaya disappears
β€” she feels magickal for the first time
β€” she feels nurturing for the first time
β€” worripa disappears
β€” she sees there are two paths
nomon: praimfaya
blodon: worripa
denmates: druid & witch
nursed to the end of weaning by: sequoia ()
maternal great-aunt: wylla
cousin: phaedra

(sired by bronco blackthorn (*unknown)

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Profile of Heda: Additional Information
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