Profile of Heda: Quick Facts
Rivenwood Den Mother*
Master Missionary
Mate to Caracal
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Heda Redhawk (formerly Skaigona kom Rivtrikru, formerly of Rivenwood)
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 (may 16th 2021)
Birthplace: rivenwood (noctisardor bypass, teekon wilds)
NPC Guidelines
quiet now, dreading that druid is gone, reserved
At a Glance
Profile of Heda: Details
daughter of a commander, soldier's blood flows in the veins of this young wolf. she is an willowy alabaster figurine with a smudge of russet between her ears. the autumnal mark upon her forehead lengthens, traveling the length of her spine, coursing in slender lines along her shoulders, and ending with a pointed accent upon the face of her tail.

currently: medium build, softened by pregnancy.
with her brother abandoning his name as well, and rivenwood scattered, heda no longer identified with any member of her family. she loves them dearly but sweetharbor represented a new chapter for heda. she tried not to dwell upon any part of her past. when the pack disbanded, she stayed behind on the island, later marrying caracal redhawk and rebuilding sweetharbor slowly, officially beginning with the birth of their four children. heda was highly pious and kind, speaking to those who would listen of her beliefs but not pressing such things. she would raise her children to be the same.

sweetharbor was indeed a gentle chapter in her life. heda and caracal ended up with eight children and the support of others. sleepless nights and other strain took a toll on her mate, and heda left the island only meaning to be gone for a time. but while she was away, caracal died, and it seemed judah followed.

the family slowly fell apart, heda losing one child after another to different events as she desperately tried to shepherd them together, to keep them inland. she lost the majority of her faith despite the fact that she did not want the same for her children. they ended up in the sunspire, and a new, rough chapter opened for her. the pages of this one end now with druid having returned to the teekon wilds to begin rivenwood anew, and the sisters finding one another.

mate: caracal redhawk
children —
(2023 x caracal) simeon, malakai, judah, & dinah
(2023 - adopted) ana tema, abel elam, ava amara,, & tzedeq zerach
(2024 x anselm*) ezra & gideon
*ezra & gideon are biologically anselm's but will be raised with glaukos assumed as their biological father

nomon: praimfaya
blodon: worripa
denmates: druid & witch
nursed to the end of weaning by: sequoia () and mahler
maternal great-aunt: wylla
cousins: phaedra, thade, isa, emmerich, & anselm
(sired by bronco blackthorn (*unknown)
of importance: bartholomew

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Profile of Heda: Additional Information
Registered on May 13, 2021, last visited July 14, 2024, 01:17 PM
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