Profile of Stingray: Quick Facts
Moonspear Delta
Played By: Chelsie
Basic Info
Full Name: Stingray "Ray" Sveijarn-Corten

20% Northern Rocky Mountain wolf
20% coastal wolf
20% Russian grey wolf
20% Vancouver Island wolf
20% eastern timber wolf

Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Male
Age: 9 months (April 14, 2022)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs
At a Glance


Outside of threads, Stingray may be referenced doing the following:

  • Spending time at the rendezvous site with his brother or parents.
  • Exploring the lands surrounding Sapphique.
  • Napping in the shade at high noon.
  • Swimming in the sea and lake.
Profile of Stingray: Details

[Image: stingray.png]

It's difficult to say what Stingray's most striking feature is. For some, it might be his stunning blue eyes, a deep and compelling cobalt. For others, it might be his beachy blonde coat with red-gold accents on the tail, spine, ears and top of his muzzle. Still others might find his winsome smile to be his best quality. Stingray's physique leans a little to the chubby side with a boyish roundness to his face that makes him more cute than handsome. He speaks with a faint Scottish burr.


Ridiculous. With a fairly high opinion of himself, Stingray loves to socialize with anyone or anything he comes across, especially if they are forthcoming with praise. Ray has a tendency to tell fibs to try to seem more impressive, but his tall tales lean a little too far toward the unbelievable for him to fool anyone. He's not very humble and can be a little dense at times, but he has a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend.

Parents: Meerkat and Njord
Littermates: Mercy and Swordfish
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Ancestors: Axolotl, Fox, Iqniq, Njal, Peregrine, Tonravik, Tuwawi

Grandparents: Kaertok, Priixu, Towhee, Valtyr

Siblings: Loko and Sobo

Piblings: Aegir, Anuniaq, Atuaserk, Caracal, Ferret, Gannet, Haunt, Jack Snipe, Jökull, Junior, Larus, Leona, Maera, Marten, Nameless, Nightjar, Orca, Oriole, Peter, Phox, Pingasut, Ratha, Raven, Royal, Silktail, Sphyra, Tierra, Titmouse, Tytonidae, Vex, Waxwing, Whip, Wildfire

Cousins: Akkuma, Alyx, Bat, Bateleur, Blixen, Blueberry, Bobby, Coraline, Deiyon, Elfie, Fennec, Figment, Finley II, Hypnos, Ikkuma, Kigipigak, Killdeer, Kite, Kivaluk, Kivirut, Kiwi, Malguk, Marmora, Masquerade, Mireille, Miseria, Nauja, Nuirik, Orr, Owen, Peregrine II, Primrose, Perkūn, Phoebe, Prevost, Quennell, Quetzal, Silkie, Svarog, Tegan Jr, Tulimaq, Tux, Vasa, Vesper, Weejay, Wildfire II, Yossarian

Distant: Abel, Aminthe, Ancelin, Aodhan, Apophis, Arielle, Artaax, Asperas, Atreus, Atticus, Aventus, Avicus, Bacardi, Bluejay, Bones, Caprice, Ceridwen, Charles, Chickadee, Chip, Cipactli, Coriander, Crete, Dean, Diantha, Dingo, Dove, Flycatcher, Goshawk, Guimauve, Gunnar, Gyda, Hymnal, Ibis, Indra, Indra III, Ixchel, Jasmine, Jupiter, Kookaburra, Koontz, Laurel, Lawless, Lilitu, Lotus, Louie, Lucas, Magpie, Maia, March Owl, Mercury, Merrick, Milo, Okeanos, Osprey, Panther, Pied, Piper, Pura, Ray, Redd, Relic, Riley, Roswell, Saēna, Sarah, Sifaka, Sly, Sveinx, Sylvie, Terance, Tonraq, Tyrannus, Velox, Wraen, Wyatt

Note: This list includes in-game blood relatives only.

Moonspear: 02/2023 — present
Delta: 02/02/2023 — present

Sapphique: 04/2022 — 01/2023

Pearl: 16/10/2022 — 24/01/2023
Pebble: 14/04/2022 — 16/10/2022
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