Profile of Anselm: Quick Facts
Rivenwood Ash
Played By: Lauren
Basic Info
Full Name: Anselm Sonnenwasser
Subspecies: Mixed wolf subspecies (coastal, timber, grey wolf)
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (March 20, 2022)
Birthplace: Sleepy Fox Hollow
At a Glance

By Twin
Profile of Anselm: Details
Gay lederhosen wearer. Anselm is the shape of a hunter; his legs are lean with sinew, favoring the cursorial build of his kind. Anselm’s fur is a weather-worn cinder, with tapering ash grey countershading and streaks of dark grey along his nose and ears. His left ear is split at the tip from his brother's milk teeth. His right hear is cleaved in half from a fight with a coyote. (Adult Reference)
Anselm is a dedicated tracker and enjoys puzzling out the complex world of scents. He is fiercely loyal, remaining in Sleepy Fox Hollow in the hopes his brother Emmerich will return. Because of his upbringing, Anselm is suspicious of strangers and has no problem being unkind. He guards his heart closely, allowing very few his kindness -- as a result, Anselm is more likely to push people away.
Born in Sleepy Fox Hollow to two devoted parents, Anselm wanted for little. While his sister disappeared early into their childhood, Anselm has nearly forgotten her face, and considers Emmerich his only sibling. He is aware of older brothers and sisters, but resents them for their absence and the pain they caused his parents. Grown now into a willowing adult, Anselm is a skilled tracker.
Parents: Mahler & Wylla
Littermates: Emmerich & Isa
Older Siblngs: Phaedra, Thade, Tiercel
Profile of Anselm: Additional Information
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Parents & siblings may PP Anselm freely. Whenever Anselm speaks, it can be assumed he has a light Germanic accent.

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