Profile of Etienne: Quick Facts
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: Ètienne Dahomey-Rivaini
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 1.6 (June 14, 2022)
Birthplace: Dragon Crest Cliffs- Sapphique
At a Glance
Creamy tan pelage with brown face, paws and legs, tip of tail.

Song List:
in The Stars-Benson Boone
Don't Tell Me-Ruel
The New Me - Thomas Day
Unbreak - Camylio
Do you really wanna be in love- Frigga
Change your mind - Alex Warren
If you still wanted to be loved - Candelion
Profile of Etienne: Details
Etienne boasts a coat of creamy tan with brown face, brown gloves on 4 paws from toe to shoulder and tip of his tail. Warm golden eyes, gilded and kind.

[Image: etiennebig.PNG?dateline=1667388274]
Etienne is quiet, introspective. He listens for vibrations beneath the earth, for those he speaks to. He prefers the way things sound, to the actual words. It is a feeling for him of what he cannot comprehend.

He has fallen quiet, and demure since his brother's disappearance. He had grown into his own. Preferring to heal than to fight or hunt. But as one after another of his family died. He began to spiral and it was with the death of his beloved Granme Roz that he ran away from home. Found himself in Paleo, and found out that he has a bite and a bark that he can use.

Etienne cares for others often at the expense of himself. He is more willing to approach with kindness than suspicion. As a result he is often easily used in the schemes of others. Innocent and naive.
Born June 14, 2022

Etienne was born into a family of five, his parents Chacal and Ashlar separated. His siblings two brothers Theo, Requiem and sister Berceuse (Suzu) his friends and playmates.

When he was nine weeks old, his brother Requiem was stolen by an eagle causing Eti to grow silent. His only solace the vibrations of his family and the ground. He grows cautious now, and afraid more so for his sister Suzu than any other, as she is the smallest of them. He beings to move about and away from the small den he calls home, searching for something anything to calm the storm inside.

Ran away from home after the death of his granme. And realized he can bite and bark if he needs too.
Ashlar Queen Mayfair-Cairn

Chacal Dahomey-Rivaini

Rosalyn 'Roz' Rivaini and Erzulie Dahomey


Requiem Golden Eagle stole him when they were 10 weeks old.
Berceuse (Suzu)
Pack History
Sapphique- 2022-2023
Paleo- 07/2023-?
Profile of Etienne: Additional Information
Registered on June 13, 2022, last visited (Hidden)
Art Credits
Talamasca, Jess, Maddy(raindrop)
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