Profile of Erzulie: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: erzulie dahomey
Subspecies: 25% german shepherd, 75% grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (3.16.2016)
Birthplace: corpsewine cavern
At A Glance
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voice/face claim: angela basset as marie laveau in AHS
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Profile of Erzulie: Details

more wolf in appearance than her shepherd mother, erzulie is tall, pelted in silken layers of cinnamon and cream. mask of pale burnished gold and an ivory undercoat. pale nutmeg-stippled hackles. she is sweet spice and fresh milk until the hard bite of her two-toned eyes are revealed: the right a piercing pale green, the left a soft yellow with shards of mahogany at the pupil. erzulie bears visible scars from toothmarks along her slim flanks and shoulders, and there are lines of twisted flesh beneath her withers. she knows well she is pleasing to the eye — it does not detract from her earned experience as a vicious fighter.
born in swamps and heat, the bastard half-breed to a wolf and a dog, erzulie was the only one of her litter to survive when her mother's master came to cull the pups. roux fled the hands of the human with her newborn daughter, choosing a life in the wilds she did not know over losing all of her children. octave came for them soon thereafter, and for a time erzulie was raised by both of her parents in her father's pack.

but the wilds and the wolves were not kind to roux — they felt she sullied their species with her half-breed child, and chastised octave for stooping so low as to couple with a dog. losing status in the eyes of his fellows, octave opted then — nine months after erzulie was born — to take his mate and child and seek out another land where they could exist more freely.

when erzulie was a year of age, both roux and octave were shot from the air during a hunt. culling, they called it; culling once more destroyed the girl's life. octave had been the target; roux was collateral damage, a half-feral shepherd too flighty to be of use to humans.

erzulie has wandered since then, octave's wolfblood keeping to a minimum the manifestation of roux's canine features. as she matured, it became increasingly obvious to the girl that her nature and the inability of others to pigeonhole her could be used to great advantage.
Pack History
mother: roux
father: octave
wife: rosalyn rivaini
children (x firefly): scarab , marisol , clementine & nieve
children (x aningan): solaire & arcelia
rosalyn (x firefly) reyes
rosalyn (x rosencrantz) chacal

IRONSEAswabquartermaster (ironsea disbands)
LONE WOLF — (8.20.18 - 12.3.18)
Profile of Erzulie: Additional Information
erzulie speaks hatian creole, english, and a smattering of french. her accent is heavy but her words are poised and languid.
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