Profile of Inkalorë: Quick Facts
Played By: xynien
Basic Info
Full Name: inkalorë nuiruk
Subspecies: mixed wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Intersex
Pronouns: they/them
Age: 2 (08/12/2021)
Birthplace: ouroboros spine, great bear wilderness
At a Glance
Profile of Inkalorë: Details
second life sees the starseeker slim and feather-furred, wearing a hooded cloak of signature sunset gold over pale flaxen hues. wide argent eyes seem to reflect all the gentle light of the full moon.
[Image: LkVMWVN.gif]
Profile of Inkalorë: Additional Information
Registered on July 21, 2021, last visited March 09, 2024, 07:44 PM
Art Credits
summer & mutton & butterscott
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