Profile of New Snow: Quick Facts
New Snow
Redtail Rise Ulfr
Mate to Augur
Played By: ???
Basic Info
Full Name: New Snow
Mate: Mountain Boulder
Subspecies: Multiple
Size: Medium, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 (4/22/2020)
Birthplace: The Far North
AKA: New Snow, Sunday Morning
At a Glance
Scarred muzzle, notched ear. A little thinner than typical due to recovering from sickness.
Profile of New Snow: Details
· Bright yellow eyes.
· Calm disposition.
· Stark white furs that are unkempt in the Summer season with usually some manner of debris in it.
· In the Fall and the Winter, black guardhairs pepper her neck and the top of her withers, stopping short of her back. The black furs return again at her croup, though seem to fade down her plume back to white. See gif for reference
· While typically athletic in build when healthy, Sunday has grown lanky from travel.
Currently injured; scabbing on muzzle, notched ear, near and surrounding left eye (the former two will scar).
Pack History
Sunday Morning has lived a good, pleasant life. Born and raised in a familial pack, where her father kept any outside males away. When she turned two (or thereabouts beforehand), she felt a calling to disperse... and so, she did. Sunday Morning has traveled for many months alone, seeking what this calling meant. Coming into heat soon after her arrival into the Taiga, Sunday Morning meets mountain stone. Coming into estrus shortly thereafter, Sunday Morning couples with the man and is under the impression that they are paired, and she has found her partner. Some days pass, and Mountain Stone is gone, but returns again to lead her to her next life test. She renames her man to Mountain Boulder, given his stature. Mountain Boulder takes her to be evaluated to join the Rise. She meets Red Eyes for the first time, who leaves it to his own leader to decide. So, together they head to the Rise for her future to be decided. Ultimately, Red Woman accepts her into the Rise. She enters the pack as a Blod. Before long, it becomes clear she is with child. On August 25th, New Snow gives birth to Thursdays Dawn and Thursday Evening, along with two stillborns. Before their first year, New Snow and Mountain Boulder 'vocalize' their given title as mate to one another. Within the same week, New Snow is also promoted to Clawan, or Hunter, by Red Woman.
Profile of New Snow: Additional Information
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New Snow (previously Sunday Morning) is a feral character, and whether or not she can speak at all or even understand is unknown. Sunday takes cues from tone, posture, and body language. Sunday Morning refers to characters as she smells/sees them; she may therefore misgender your character in post narration. Additionally, Sunday Morning may not recognize your characters verbal names; review Pawprints for reference!

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