Profile of Ameline: Quick Facts
Pledged Bearclaw
Mate to Ancelin
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Ameline Bearclaw née Lilia Sakari Tatkret
Pronounced: AH-muh-leen
Subspecies: 75% Arctic wolf, 26% Gray wolf
Size: Medium, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 20 months (May 15, 2022)
Birthplace: Falls of the Hinterlands
At a Glance
Wiry, tough.
Black fur, blonde ruff and points, bright blue eyes.
Speaks with a pronounced lisp and rhotacism. Words with the letter “S” or “R” will be difficult for her to pronounce.
INJURIES: healing from bobcat claw marks that run down the front of each shoulder, framing her chest. Several facial wounds as well, currently scabbed but healing, June 2023.

Profile of Ameline: Details
[Image: Y7tCJqn.png]
Reference by Tazihound <3
Having pushed through a wiry, pre-teen phase with a great deal of training and exercise, Ameline is a boxy, brutish young adult conditioned to become a swift, brutal warrior. Her pelt is mostly black, though her guard hairs have become sun-stressed and amber at the tips. She has a golden ruff that rises to frame her face, and a dash of caramel on the bridge of her nose. Her belly has a pale beige strip down the middle, only visible on the odd chance that she's flipped over to reveal it. Her paws are caramel. Her eyes are a pale, icy blue.

Try-hard | short fuse | loyal | impulsive | fearless
Mate: Ancelin

NOTE: The names and appearances of her biological family have now been forgotten, aside from her sister, Raelle. She considered Prophet to be her only parent until he disappeared in the spring of 2023.
Mother: Antha Suzette Tatkret
Father: Issorartuyok Tatkret
Siblings: Raelle, Noatak, Qeorvik
Profile of Ameline: Additional Information
Registered on May 18, 2022, last visited 9 hours ago
Art Credits
Avatar by Talamasca <3
Full-body reference by Tauris <3
Profile banner photo by me
Player Notes
Ameline will take a +2 buff roll during fights due to her training (specialty) as both a guardian and a warrior.
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