Profile of Ancelin: Quick Facts
Pledged Bearclaw
Mate to Ameline
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Ancelin Bearclaw
Subspecies: mixed wolf subspecies + hint of coyote
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (6.14.22)
Birthplace: redtail rise (snowforest taiga)
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_naf5oiPm921tv8ooko1_500.gif]
Profile of Ancelin: Details
adult ref by chels

(due to the assumed abandonment of mother, brother, and father, coupled with the perceived rejection by his aunt, ancelin has developed an antisocial personality disorder that presents with extreme inability to regulate his anger or impulses.
update: per this thread, ancelin's face is a mass of healing cuts that scarred and it was a defining factor for the further development of said disorder)

โ€” milestones โ€”

june 24 - july 2: eyes open, ears open, light howling, baby talk
july 2 - july 25: first outings from den, babbling, howling, word acquisition
july 25 - dec 14: weaning, wandering, rendezvous, solo/pack hunts
dec 14 - june 14: can travel, integrating, still growing
june 14, 2023: yearling
june 14, 2024: fully mature

father: aventus
mother: arielle
sibling: atreus
mate: ameline

โ€” extended โ€”


grandfather: merrick
grandmother: astara
aunts/uncle: avicus, asperas, apophis
cousins (avicus): masquerade, relic, redd, redsky, mulherin, carrion, watcher
(apophis): athamas, ashkova, amneris, athalia


grandfather: akavir
grandmother: ibis
aunts/uncle: lilitu, diantha, jasmine, roswell
Pack History
REDTAIL RISE โ€” bearn ยท bjern
Profile of Ancelin: Additional Information
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