Profile of Ancelin: Quick Facts
Redtail Rise Bjern
Played By: ebony
Basic Info
Full Name: Ancelin Bearclaw
Subspecies: mixed wolf subspecies + hint of coyote
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (6.14.22)
Birthplace: redtail rise (snowforest taiga)
At a Glance
[Image: wolf-angry.gif]
Profile of Ancelin: Details
adult ref by chels

(due to the assumed abandonment of mother, brother, and father, ancelin is in high danger of developing an antisocial disorder
update: per this thread, ancelin's face is a mass of healing cuts that will scar & it is a defining factor for the further development of said disorder)

— milestones —

june 24 - july 2: eyes open, ears open, light howling, baby talk
july 2 - july 25: first outings from den, babbling, howling, word acquisition
july 25 - dec 14: weaning, wandering, rendezvous, solo/pack hunts
dec 14 - june 14: can travel, integrating, still growing
june 14, 2023: yearling
june 14, 2024: fully mature
father: aventus
mother: arielle
sibling: atreus

— extended —


grandfather: merrick
grandmother: astara
aunts/uncle: avicus, asperas, apophis
cousins (avicus): masquerade, relic, redd, redsky, mulherin, fifth, ???


grandfather: akavir
grandmother: ibis
aunts/uncle: lilitu, diantha, jasmine, roswell
Pack History
REDTAIL RISE — bearn · bjern
Profile of Ancelin: Additional Information
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