Profile of Toula: Quick Facts
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Akashingo Pharaoh*
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Basic Info
Full Name: Muat-riya Isetnofret "Toula", Princess of the Red Serpent
Subspecies: mixed, grey
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (6.22.2022)
Birthplace: akashingo (lion's head mesa, kintla flatlands)
At a Glance
Mostly blonde now, as the days continue to pass her mothers furs will darken her nape, wrapping around her withers (stopping short of where her hips present) and continuing to roll down her tail in something of a cape. Her eyes are a beautiful turquoise, made exaggerated by the same kohl lining surrounding her lashes (inherited by her father).
Profile of Toula: Details
a teenaged girl, still soft with youth and a vision of gentle femininity. warm, curious eyes. (click)
father: pharaoh ramesses II
mother: queen treva
brother: prince sethnakht

half-brother: crown prince siptah
half-sisters: princesses nekubi ashikaga & nekubi makono
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