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Played By: Bees
Basic Info
Full Name: Bernadette
Subspecies: Dog [ Chow Chow ]
Size: Large, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: None
Pronouns: Object / Any
Age: 4 (7th January 2018)
Birthplace: Oregon, USA
At a Glance
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Profile of You: Details


  • Still smells of Sweetharbor.
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Height: 20 in / 50 cm
Healthy weight: 45 lbs / 21 kg
Eyes: Black
Coat: Rough | Long | Black & Brown
Markings: -
Nose: Black
Pawpads: Black
Claws: Black
A notably ursine dog.

This beast sports a thick, soft, double-layered coat that wholly engulfs and bulks it. The fur appears an ashy shade of black, with a decidedly brown sheen to it. A heavy wrinkle and meaty brow hang over the dog's eyes, limiting its peripheral vision and making its sockets appear black and empty.

As is usual for its breed, it posses a blue tongue and a stiff-legged gait.

Scent: Neutral | Dog, female, evergreen forests, tree sap, moist earth
Default expression: Scowling, snobbish [ due to facial anatomy] | Neutral
Accessories: -
Scars: -
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