Profile of A Spirit: Quick Facts
A Spirit
Played By: Bees
Basic Info
Full Name: Bernadette
Subspecies: Dog [ Chow Chow ]
Size: Large, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: None
Pronouns: Object / Any
Age: 5 (7th January 2018)
Birthplace: Oregon, USA
At a Glance
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Profile of A Spirit: Details
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A haggar, hooded shape.

Wholly engulfed in a twice-thick, blackest brown coat, which conceals the extent of its dwarfish height. Underneath it, the skin is dark and wrinkled, the body stocky, curvaceous in structure yet thin in meat, and without marring.

A heavy fold and meaty brow hang over the eyes - the sockets shaded as though black and empty.

Hindquarters are straight, the gait stiff-legged.

Tongue is darkest purple.

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Adult height: 20 in / 50 cm
Healthy weight: 45 lbs / 21 kg
Eyes: Black
Coat: Rough | Long | Black & Brown
Markings: -
Nose: Black
Pawpads: Black
Claws: Black
Scent: Neutral | Dog, female, salt, driftwood, dirt
Default expression: Neutral due to facial anatomy | Neutral
Voice: Masculine, hoarse, trembling. Shakespearean English.
Accessories: -
Scars: -

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Profile of A Spirit: Additional Information
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