Profile of Makono: Quick Facts
Played By: anon
Basic Info
Full Name: Nekubi Makono
Devourer of Fate, Blessed by the Red Land, She Who Is Favoured by Ma'at

Grey Wolf (35%), Shikoku Ken (25%), Golden Jackal (40%)

Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 2 (March 6th 2022)
Birthplace: Lion's Head Mesa (Akashingo)
Profile of Makono: Details

a pale base coat, caped in varying shades of gold and grey. a smudge of kohl around lapis eyes. growing into the athletic form of her mother with the height of her father. carries herself as she should, the composed and regal form of a pharaoh.
has become a tactician and an ambassador. deeply possessive of those who show her what she deems true loyalty. she has been placed upon a throne at last and is coming into her own true power now.
Mother: Nekubi Satsu
Father: Ramesses
Siblings: Ashikaga, Siptah
Half-Siblings: Toula, Sethnakht

Lilac: Nazli
Priest: Senmut

[Image: 6d5yH9i.png]
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arts by tala!!
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