Profile of Fennec: Quick Facts
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Mate to Bronco
Played By: Starrlight
Basic Info
Full Name: Fenton "Fennec/Fenn" Redhawk
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (4/1/2019)
Birthplace: Heron Lake Plateau
At a Glance

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Profile of Fennec: Details

Sandy and lanky with large ears and milky grey eyes. It is hard to know what her true natural color is through the film that covers them.

She is doe-like and cautious in her movements due to her blindness.

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* Sarcastic
* Wry
* Interested in pushing her boundaries
* Semi interested in pushing the boundaries of others
* Inconsiderate
* Heart is in the right place though she doesn't show it particularly well at times
* Says what she thinks
* Loves to lie

Fennec has friendly relations with a flock of ravens within the Bramblepoint, two in particular she has named Kraa and Krrk. She does not speak with them, but they will cooperate at times. She also can occasionally be found in the company of a badger she's named Quick, though he too lives near her gardens within the forest.

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credit: miryam
Parents: Phox & Camilla
Siblings: Figment "Fig"

Children: Killdeer (via Bronco)

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Profile of Fennec: Additional Information
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Fennec's Signature
Fenn is blind, and as she's older, will take all of her character insight from tone.  If you are ever uncomfortable with an assumption she makes, please let me know!
Fig is always welcome (as if she has a choice <3)
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Player Notes
28, web developer, midwestern chill

General Notes
- I don't really OOC plot <3
- I'm always willing to discuss threads!
- I try to prioritize plot-heavy threads, but if I am not quick enough, please message me

Character Notes
- I don't mind pp/assumptions, just tag me
- Fennec asks a lot of straight questions but rarely gives straight answers. She enjoys making others feel uncomfortable for a laugh and will often try to push that. If she notes she's crossed the line into mean, she will back off, but only if the reaction from the other wolf is enough to merit it. She is almost always up for a spar, almost always up for a trip, and otherwise can generally be found collecting/tending plants or training.
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