Profile of Astraios: Quick Facts
Mate to Themis
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Astraios to Alysothrafstikó
formerly Vorilye Cruor
Subspecies: 100% Timber Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 6 years 3 months (June 1st 2016)
Birthplace: Canada
At a Glance
Massive, well-muscled, scarred face and ever-present frown. Calculating, icy blue eyes.
Profile of Astraios: Details
A massive male, just like his sire, Vorilye stands 36 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has cold, icy eyes. Vorilye is missing a chunk of his right upper ear, and has claw marks going from his left eye down to his cheek — both are from his half-sister and ex-mate, Vex Cruor. He is pale-furred, in creams and sands with the typical Cruor timber marks in darker browns and blacks.
Chaotic Neutral

Astraios has changed much over his life, but he has settled into a wary, cautious nature. While still stubborn and easy to anger, he tries to maintain his composure. His only goal at the moment is to keep his new family safe.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits

Resistant to change

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Birth to 1 Year

Born Vorilye Cruor to Jaganatha and Ysolda Cruor, half-siblings, he had two other siblings in his litter, both males. As Jaganatha was just starting his own reign, he made his sons very combative towards each other. They were not friends, barely even allies, and there was much violence among them. By the time Vorilye was a year old, one male had been killed in a hunt, and the other killed in combat against Vorilye himself. This cemented his place among the Cruors.

Year One to Year Two

Little happened during Vorilye's adolescence, save for his penchant for more carnal relations. He grew to become a brutish soldier, trained by Jaganatha himself, and by his second birthday he was promoted to the head of the guards in his natal pack.

Year Two to Year Three

Shortly after his second birthday, Vorilye's mother was found dead. Having wanted a second litter and not wasting any time, Jaganatha found himself a new wife, Cassiopeia. She would come to birth two girls, Violante, and another girl that did not live much longer than a few days.

Vorilye did not have much interaction with his half-sister during her first year of life, and he spent much of his time honing his skills as a fierce warrior and tactician, gaining the Cruors more land via conquest.

Year Three to Year Four

The Cruor pack thrives in war, spurred by victory after victory, Vorilye at their lead. One casualty is Cassiopeia, or so Jaganatha tells everyone. Jaganatha takes a new wife, and shortly after his third birthday, Vorilye gains more siblings, Vex among them. They are raised just as hard as Vorilye, but only Vex shows promise. Before his fourth birthday, Vorilye leads Vex, her siblings, Violante, and some other Cruors in another conquest. During the battle, one of Vex's siblings is lost, but they gain more land, and numbers in the form of captives.

Year Four to Year Five

When Vex is one year old, she is pitted against her other sibling in a fight to the death, which she wins. Showing battle prowess akin to Vorilye's, the two are paired together by Jaganatha. Vorilye, however, was still used to using those beneath him, for pleasure among other things. He unknowingly impregnates a Servant he fancied, which is what earned him his facial scars that Vex gave him after she found out.

Year Five to Year Six

After three years of warring with their neighbors, the Cruors are broken apart when Violante leaves them, and several prisoners and Servants follow after. This leads to the desolation of Vorilye's natal pack, and much of them attempt to move to the Teekon Wilds. Vorilye, on a mission from Vex, forges ahead in order to find Violante and those who followed her. Along the way, he discovers Lorelai, who carries the scent of Violante's mate. He rapes her while she's having some kind of mental episode, and leaves her there, unknowingly impregnating her, though that was the plan all along.

After a time, however, Vorilye loses hope in Vex's cause, and he, too, abandons her. He meets Themis and mates with her, later tracking her down. He expresses his desire to stay with her, and the two begin their adventure into becoming a family. After getting attacked by Vex in a chance meeting, he suffers from anxiety and PTSD, made worse by paranoia. After talking with Themis about some of his problems, she proposes to him, and he accepts. This leads him to change his name to Astraios.

In late summer, he finds Violante, and he begins to try and make reparations with her.

Parents: Ysolda x Jaganatha
Half-Siblings: Violante (via Jaganatha x Cassiopeia), Vex (via Jaganatha x Leta)

Lenora, Lynette, Lennox (via Lorelai 2022)

Metis*, Melaneus*, Lycabas, Pyratheus* (via Themis 2022)
*No blood relation/adopted.

Nieces & Nephews
Violante II, Asara, Vale (via Violante & Vagabond 2022)

Vidaar, Vanya, Venere, ??? (via Vex and Vivaan 2022)
Pack History
Loner — Winter 2022
Oi Kryfoí — Winter 2022 to Current
Profile of Astraios: Additional Information
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