Profile of Phox: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Phox "Fidget" Redhawk
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 years+ (1 January 2017)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera
At A Glance
a piece of shit coward
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Profile of Phox: Details
Black and silver coat with black tail, legs, ears, and face. White-tipped tail. Burnt sienna eyes. Large and lean.
Sleeps in a thicket near the waterfall with Towhee.
Can often be found checking on caches and filling them with small prey.
Typically goes to sleep a few hours before sunset and wakes a few hours before sunrise to observe the stars.

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Phox was born to Peregrine (deceased before his birth) and Fox (deceased immediately after his birth) Redhawk and raised in Redhawk Caldera by his older sister, Raven. There is also some ambiguity around who his father is, seeing as though Fox was screwing Kaizer at the time, too. Phox was incredibly close to his deaf sister, Towhee, growing up. When it came time to go to war with another pack, he fled, unable to fight or deal with the fact that he might have to watch some of his family die.

He returned to the Teekon Wilds at the end of October 2018 on the brink of death. He was graciously allowed by Towhee to return to the Redhawk clan, but he was instructed that he would need to earn the right to use that name again.
Pack History
Redhawk Caldera — 01/2017 to 12/2017
Sigma, Rho, Omicron, Pi, Tau, Sigma, Tau, Sigma, Pi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Omicron, Theta, Zeta, Epsilon

Lone Wolf — 12/2017 to 11/2018

Redhawk Caldera — 11/2018 to present
Mu, Theta, Delta

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Trades & Specialties
Naturalist (2017-05-10)

Hunter (2017-06-29)
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