Heron Lake Plateau Redhawks
May 12, 2017, 05:32 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: Redhawks (formerly Redhawk Caldera)
Ranks: Click here.
Location: Heron Lake Plateau, Tuktu Hinterlands (formerly Redhawk Caldera, Great Bear Wilderness)
Acronym: RH
Founded: October 14, 2014
Relocated: April 20, 2018
Pack Colours: #B51118 & #1398BE
April 26, 2018, 10:54 AM
Redhawk Caldera
(May 12, 2017, 05:32 PM)Finley Wrote:
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Basic Information
Pack Name: Redhawk Caldera
Pack Ranks: --
Location: Great Bear Wilderness
Acronym: RHC
Founded: 11 October 2014
Founders: Peregrine & Fox (Kat & Remedy)
Colors: Red (#ff0000) & Robin's Egg Blue (#25c0c7)
Images: Visual referenceMap

Current Leaders
Elwood: Beta (12/2014 鈥 01/2017), Alpha (01/2017 鈥 present)
Finley: Beta (11/2014 鈥 08/2016), Alpha (01/2017 鈥 present)

Past Leaders
Peregrine: Alpha (10/2014 鈥 10/2016)
Fox: Alpha (10/2014 鈥 01/2017)

Pack Philosophy
Redhawk Caldera is a tight-knit, familial pack. Due to certain events (namely the attack on Wildfire by Peregrine's estranged daughter), the pack does not allow visitors, and they often seem icy to outsiders. They do not tolerate trespassers in any manner, and they are usually killed on sight if possible. The leaders typically treat newly-accepted members as outsiders, but warm up to those who stick around and contribute to the pack. Long-term members are treated as family.

Pack History
In late September, Fox admitted to her mate, Peregrine, that she did not feel at home in Blacktail Deer Plateau. Together with Lasher, they set out into the wilderness to seek a new homestead, eventually discovering the caldera. While exploring, Fox slipped and fell, her injuries preventing her from returning to the plateau to inform the pack. This left Peregrine with no choice but to head back alone to break the news, then abruptly turn his back on the plateau to return to his injured mate and their new territory. Although he offered to consider the caldera and the plateau sister packs, relations between the packs' members were still up in the air when they officially founded Redhawk Caldera in mid-October.

Pack Territory: Redhawk Caldera
South and west of the current map, a sprawling grassland stretches for miles before leading to the base of this extinct volcano. Its slopes are thick with greenery and lead up to an uneven ridge line. Instead of a peak, the mountain top features a sunken lake, its surface remarkably smooth. The southern rim of the crater is comprised of particularly tall, jagged crags; they are the misplaced peak, broken into pieces and blown aside during the volcano's final eruption. The terrain is beautiful but rugged. On the surface, it may not appear to be a very homey place, yet the caldera harbors many secrets below the surface...

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April 26, 2018, 10:54 AM
Redhawk Caldera
(May 12, 2017, 05:54 PM)Finley Wrote: Internal Territories
Internal territories, or sub-territories, are areas within a pack's territory that are distinct from one another. They serve as named landmarks for the pack. While internal territories are described here for anyone to reference, only members of the pack may actually roleplay in them.
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Rendezvous Site: "They arrived perhaps half an hour later, emerging at the edge of a sprawling clearing that sloped slightly downhill from where they stood and featured rolling hillocks beyond. In the distance yonder lay a majestic view of Lake Rodney. The site was protected by evergreen copses on nearly all sides, thick in some places and thin, almost sparse, in others. It was enormous compared to their previous home and would be the perfect place for the pups to stretch their legs and continue growing."
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Skull Cave: "The cave was not as large as she had expected, but it was a decent size. It cut through the mountain, and the only source of light was the entrance from where they had come. The coolness of the shadow was a relief from the hot heat of the outdoors, and Fox found herself enjoying it. As her eyes continued to adjust to the dimmer lighting, she gave the place a cursory look-around. The cave probably went about twenty wolf-lengths back, and it spanned roughly five wolf-lengths across. It was oval-shaped, and Fox didn't notice the smell of anything living here. Fox ventured to the furthest recess of the den, and once there, she realized that there were an assortment of skulls. Somebody's collection, apparently, though they hadn't been here in a long time."
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The Ballroom: "It took the beta perhaps twenty minutes to discover the crevice upon the mountainside [...] Though the tunnel likely would have given a larger wolf some trouble, Fin found she could slip fairly easily through it. The only issue she had was the uneven terrain and the sudden drops of varying lengths that she could only predict were coming by creeping very slowly and thrusting her front paws out to feel for them before putting weight upon her steps. Fortunately, the treacherous part of the journey was over fairly quickly as the tunnel suddenly opened up wider and wider and wider before it burst open entirely into a what could only be metaphorically described as an elegant ballroom deep within the mountain. Upon the high ceilings hung chandeliers of milky white and ivory stalagmites that glittered with the shards of sunlight that shone in through a long split in the roof. The floor shone as well like a smooth plate of glass that Fin quickly realized was actually a very wide and thick layer of ice after she'd stepped out onto it and nearly fell flat on her face."
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Tailfeather Creek: "At least she was able to walk on those squares, Fin supposed as she crippled her way down to a stream nearby where she had been staying. Dusk had settled upon the Caldera and with it came another light sprinkle of snow. After drinking her fill, she turned to climb up upon a flat rock that reached a foot or so over the edge. She curled up upon it in a little silver and black-streaked ball of wolf, simply watching the soft flakes as they lazily drifted to the ground."
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The Safety Cave: "When Peregrine located the entrance to a subterranean passageway beneath a rocky overhang, Wildfire quickly slunk forward and moved inside. Gloomy, damp air greeted her. Having no particular fear of close quarters, she prowled deeper into the bowels of the caldera. A short tunnel gave way to a larger chamber, which was very dimly lit. She pressed against one of the walls to move out of the way, then hunkered down to await the arrival of her comrades as they prepared to wait out the fearsome storm."
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Evergreen Woods: "So, that afternoon found Fin striding through the pine forest at the Caldera's Western inner edge, dutifully tracking down what her nose suggested was a decent sized flock of pheasants hiding somewhere in one of the forest's many pockets of underbrush."
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