Profile of Peregrine: Quick Facts
art by kate (previously player), used with permission
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: peregrine redhawk
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (03/25/2021)
Birthplace: wheeling gull isle, sequoia coast
At a Glance
has filled out to an average but lanky frame.
[Image: perry-gif.gif]
Profile of Peregrine: Details
[Image: unknown.png]
gray & blonde. sulky.
i hate your friends and they hate me too
[Image: perry-gif-2.gif]
niamh & phox
Profile of Peregrine: Additional Information
Registered on August 25, 2018, last visited (Hidden)
rehomed on 06/11/2021
Peregrine's Signature
we would say anything just to hear what we want — right or wrong
then we lie to be forgiven
we would sell anything just to buy who we're not — any cost
oh, we kill our way to heaven
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