Profile of Peregrine: Quick Facts
Moonglow Lambda
Played By: Twin
Basic Info
Full Name: Peregrine Redhawk II
Subspecies: Various
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: bisexual
Voice and Face: dominic fike
Age: 3 (03.25.2021 ♈︎)
Birthplace: wheeling gull isle, sequoia coast, teekon wilds
At a Glance
Profile of Peregrine: Details

a blundering, spindly boy grown into a tall man. thin and bony from many months of travel, but when in good shape, he is cut with a hunter's build. shades of charcoal and slate dapple his coat while a neat flaxen stretches from underbelly to crooked muzzle. honey-blond peppers his cheeks and runs up his hindquarters toward his ribcage. ragged and somewhat wiry with bad posture. tangerine eyes marked with flecks of scarlet near the pupil.

intj, the architect | 4w5, the individualist | chaotic neutral

a damaged child within an adult male's body; fiery, tempestuous, hot-tempered to a disturbing degree. a chronic womanizer and a "stoner", or the wolf equivalent of such. self-destructive and reckless; willfully ignorant to the abandonment wound eating at his chest. stoic, yet painfully moody. soft innards locked away behind layers of hardened shell.


upon his mother's death during childbirth, peregrine was raised in his early months by maegi and mou alongside his littermates. he flitted to and fro when the peanut gallery crumbled, teaming up with his bio-dad before, eventually, making his own path outside of the wilds.

he returned in the fall of 2023, making many (failed) attempts at reconnection — until a bison smacked him upside the head. he now heals in moonglow under the care of kukutux.
mother: niamh
father: phox
siblings: figment, fennec (2019); primrose, alyx, quetzal (2020); vesper, prevost (2021)
adoptive parents: maegi and mou

maternal grandparents: beau and eclair
paternal grandparents: peregrine and fox

his lineage is extensive and vast, and can be found primarily in those who carry the surnames redhawk and demonte-argyle.
Pack History

MOONGLOW | 12.27.2023 - present | nu
Profile of Peregrine: Additional Information
Registered on August 25, 2018, last visited 2 hours ago
rehomed on 06/11/2021
rehomed again 10/30/2023
Art Credits
all artwork by twin / myself, header from pexels
Player Notes
i'm twin, a hobbyist writer and artist in my 20s living in virginia. :)

- i am good with OOC plotting as well as spontaneity! i write with a "yes and" mindset and other folks' enjoyment is always my top priority.

- my characters and writing tend to lean towards more mature or heavy topics, and as such, discretion is advised.

- i prefer to keep graphic gore/violence vague, if at all possible!

- i tend to be active during the week, and less on weekends. i am sometimes a bit sporadic, and my prioritized characters change depending on ic circumstances!
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